Yellow garlic box, 7 in. (18 cm) in length, mid-range red clay, fired to cone 1, sandblasted, 2012.


CM: How did you arrive at a casualness of form that appears comfortable and inviting, while avoiding forms that would be too loose and therefore jeopardize function?


SC: Handbuilding my work came midway through my graduate studies. Looking back however, handbuilding has long been part of my ceramics and aesthetics education. Coil building and pinching bring a softness and approachability to my forms, and a surface that I love.



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Inspiration for my work comes from my fascination of well-used objects, used to the point of disrepair or disintegration. While I explore these ideas in my work, functionality is the construct that informs my design choices. Through form and surface, my goal is to evoke a sense of nostalgia while retaining the spirit of wanderlust and exploration that has informed my own life and visual sensibilities. 




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