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How to Make an Interesting Recessed Foot on a Mug

Posted On April 24, 2015 3 Comments

If you are someone who likes to combine throwing and handbuilding to make interesting forms, today’s video is for you. In this clip from Deborah Schwartzkopf’s Pieces and Patterns: Complex Forms from Handbuilt and Wheel-Thrown Parts, she demonstrates how she makes the super cool bottoms of her cup forms with a slab and a bisque fired mold. She then skillfully attaches the base to a bottomless wheel-thrown cylinder, which she then darts and alters to make the shape just right. The best part about this is that once you make the bisque mold for the recessed foot, you can repeat it over and over again! 

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Creating Interesting Patterns in Pottery with Colored Casting Slip

Posted On July 4, 2014 3 Comments

Slip casting is a facet of ceramics that I am dying to explore. I love the idea of making multiples and exploring different surfaces on them. But I hadn’t thought much about the potential for decoration when colorants are added right to the casting slip. That is until Andrew Gilliatt came to town to film a DVD with us. Andrew does great work with colored casting slips and then adds even more surface detail with a variety of resists and decals. In today’s post, an excerpt from his new DVD Layers of Color: Exploring Form and Surface Pattern in Slip Cast Pottery, Andrew demonstrates how to incorporating colored slip right into the surface design.

Photo of the Guy Michael Davis DVD Fundamentals of Mold Making & Slipcasting from the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Series

Fundamentals of Mold Making and Slipcasting

Posted On September 6, 2012 Comments Off on Fundamentals of Mold Making and Slipcasting

Molds are a simple way to create simple or complex forms that allow you to make multiple copies of a form with little effort. When you do this, the individual forms lose their preciousness, which allows you the freedom to creatively experiment. And as you build a library of forms, you’ll find even greater flexibility as you cut and reassemble shapes in any number of configurations. Guy Michael leads you step-by-step through the entire mold making and slip casting process. By the end of his demonstration, you’ll understand the principles of making both single and multi-part molds as well as how to make your own slip and successfully cast pieces.


Building in a Box: Combining High-Tech Computer Modeling and Low-Tech Slip Casting Techniques to Make Intricate Modular Work

Posted On February 22, 2012 0 Comments

Though Eliza Au begins her process using three dimensional computer modeling and Computer Numerical Controlled milling, it all comes together in a good old wooden box. In today’s post, an excerpt from the March 2012 Ceramics Monthly, Eliza shares her process and casting slip recipe and author Amy Gogarty  tells us a bit more about the work.


(Slip) Cast Party: Creating Unique Double-Walled Forms Using Mold Making and Slip Casting Techniques

Posted On November 14, 2011 12 Comments

Today, Hiroe Hanazono shares her process for slip casting double walled forms, from making the pattern and the mold, to the casting part. See more great slip casting projects in our free download Ceramic Mold Making Techniques: Tips for Making Plaster Molds, Slip Casting, and Decorating Clay,

Andrew Gilliatt’s work combines colored porcelain slip, brightly colored glazes, resist patterns, and simple decals to create pots that convey the fun he has working in the studio.

Layers of Color: Using Different Colors of Casting Slip, Resist Patterns and Decals to Create Graphical Pottery Surfaces

Posted On December 8, 2010 15 Comments

Today, Andrew Gilliatt explains how he arrives at his super fun surfaces by adding color in stages with colored casting slip, glaze, and decals. Plus, he shares his casting slip and a couple of glaze recipes!


Going Industrial: One Potter Shares his Experience with the Mass Production of his Pottery

Posted On December 28, 2009 34 Comments

Why would someone who has spent most of his adult life pursuing excellence in handmade pottery enthusiastically pursue mass production? That’s the question David Pier asked himself when he faced the conflict of wanting to meet high levels of craftmanship and design, but still keep the pricing on his pots affordable. In today’s post, David tells us all about his forays into mass production.

Reflections on Accumulation

Posted On April 8, 2009 0 Comments

Canadian artist, Wendy Walgate comments on a culture of acquisition with brightly colored, slip-cast, and assembled sculptures


Casting Call: How to Mix Casting Slip for Sculpture and Pottery; Plus 3 Great Slip Casting Tips

Posted On March 11, 2009 2 Comments

Ceramic artist Valerie Zimany explains how to make a casting slip out of the clay body she uses and gives some handy tips to remember when working with molds and clay.

Ceramic artist Valerie Zimany shares her process for combining cast, thrown and handbuilt parts.

Using Slip Casting, Handbuilding, Press Molding and Throwing Techniques to Create Complex Sculptures

Posted On September 24, 2008 1 Comment

Today we are giving a sneak peek of the upcoming November issue of Ceramics Monthly magazine, which features ceramic artist Valerie Zimany. Readers of Ceramics Monthly might remember Valerie’s work from the 2008 Emerging Artist issue back in May. Valerie creates her abstract ceramic sculpture using a variety of techniques and she explains those to us below. She also shares her a recipe for a “super-stick-em-up” slip, which really helps in assembling her complex pieces.