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The Beautiful Variations of Chun Glazes

Posted On March 4, 2014 1 Comment

Those who know me know I have a thing for the pale blues and blue-greens. Actually you don’t even have to know me…just look at the CAD color scheme. So it is no surprise that Chun glazes are some of my favorites. In today’s post, an excerpt from his book The Ceramic Spectrum, Robin Hopper explains what makes these glazes so lovely. And he shares a couple of recipes for Chun Glazes.- Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Brushwork on Ceramics: A Multitude of Decorative Possibilities for Pottery

Posted On August 5, 2013 10 Comments

Robin Hopper talks about the importance of a good brush and demonstrates one type of maiolica-style on-glaze decoration that can be created on pottery using different colored glazes, a brush and a slip trailer.


Video of the Week: How to Whack Your Wheel Thrown Pottery into Shape

Posted On May 10, 2013 3 Comments

Everyone who is learning to throw on the pottery wheel has probably had moments when they wanted to give the clay a whack (or throw it across the room). But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a result of frustration. A good thwack can actually be a nice aesthetic touch. In today’s video, Robin Hopper demonstrates how to throw a bowl and then square it off with a paddle to make a great surface for decorating. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


7 Fun Ways to Decorate with Slips and Engobes

Posted On November 28, 2012 16 Comments

Today, Robin Hopper explains how you can achieve many different types of surface decorations and patterns in a short period of time using only a simple slip trailer. Plus he shares a basic engobe recipe.


Pottery Decorating Video: Using Fiber, Slip and Soft Clay to Make Beautiful Marks on Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture

Posted On April 27, 2012 16 Comments

In this clip, Robin goes over a couple of surface decoration techniques; one involving clay slip and fiber, and the other involving soft clay. As usual, Robin provides an excellent, clear explanation of these nifty little techniques and should inspire you to go directly to your studio at the first opportunity!

Robin Hopper smoothes the surface of a vase pottery form.

Wheel Throwing Video: Making a Multi-Part Altered Vase on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On December 23, 2011 0 Comments
Today, the Ceramic Arts Daily offices are closed and we are all scurrying about doing last minute holiday preparations. But we didn’t want to leave you hanging, so we are presenting a blast from the past Robin Hopper video.   In this clip from his full length DVD Advanced Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel: Extended… Read More »

Wheel Throwing Video: Centering, Throwing and Trimming Tips From an Expert Potter

Posted On September 23, 2011 13 Comments

In this excerpt from Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel, master potter Robin Hopper shares some tips for centering, throwing and trimming.

This fired vessel by Robin Hopper demonstrates the tree or leaf-like patterns that are possible with mocha diffusion.

Pottery Video of the Week: Slipware Decoration – Mocha Diffusion and Slip Dotting Pottery

Posted On April 29, 2011 17 Comments

A while back, we posted an excerpt from Ceramics Monthly, in which Canadian potter Robin Hopper provided an explanation of the technique and a slip recipe that works well with it. Since then, Robin has recorded a new DVD. Today I am sharing an excerpt from that video, in which he demonstrates mocha diffusion and his slip dotting technique. I have also reposted the original article with the slip recipe


Pottery Video of the Week: Using Porcelain Ceramic Substrates as a Canvas

Posted On March 25, 2011 33 Comments

Today I’m sharing a clip from Robin Hopper’s new DVD Inspiration and Interpretation, in which he demonstrates a couple of painting techniques on this porcelain substrates (an industry cast off). Enjoy and have a nice weekend! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Join or Renew Potters Council and Receive a Free DVD

Posted On February 23, 2011 9 Comments
JOIN OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY… and receive the following DVD for FREE: 10 Great Tips & Techniques from the Masters, Volume II. This DVD features the following artists:Melisa Cadell, Philippe Faraut, Erin Furimsky, Frank Giorgini, Robin Hopper, Mark Peters, Sandi Pierantozzi, Nan Rothwell, Gil Stengel, and Paul Andrew Wandless         This… Read More »