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Tagged:  Naomi Cleary

The Ohio State University: From Ceramics Monthly’s MFA Factor

Posted On March 16, 2010 0 Comments

Established in 1926, The Ohio State University Ceramics program is one
of the oldest in the country. The educational philosophy of the
program, which operates inside the larger graduate program in The OSU
Department of Art, encourages students to bridge the boundaries of both
concept and material. The program promotes a cross fertilization of
media and methods and places a high value on intellectual research.

Working Potters Series: Using the Internet as a Marketing and Sales Tool for Your Pottery Business

Posted On July 8, 2009 6 Comments

A couple of months back, we posted a sneak preview of from the 
Ceramics Monthly Working Potters issue (which is on newsstands now!).
In it, Paul Eshelman and Diana Fayt discussed how they have built
successful careers as studio potters. Well, we received a lot of good feedback on that one from folks who
are trying to do the same. So, we thought we should just go ahead and
make this a series on Ceramic Arts Daily. Today, as part of our Working Potter series, successful potter Naomi Cleary shares her approach to the handmade pottery business.