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Tagged:  Kristina Bogdanov

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Many Glazes, One Base

Posted On September 24, 2010 0 Comments

Imagine a glaze that fires perfectly at both cone 10 and cone 6, in reduction and oxidation, and in a soda firing, yet still produces a variety of exciting, stable colors. A glaze that fits this description is Turner’s White, which consists of common, inexpensive ingredients.


Photo Lithography on Clay: A Surprisingly Simple Way to Print Images On Clay

Posted On May 7, 2010 141 Comments

Though the name sounds a bit intimidating, photo lithography image transfer onto clay, is not a terribly difficult process. You just need to get a couple of tools that you might not have on hand, but once you do that, it’s a piece of cake. In today’s video, Kristina Bogdanov shows us how. Watch the video!