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More than meets the eye—the lines on Jeff Campana’s pots go beyond just scratching the surface.

Decorating Through Disassembly: Jeff Campana’s Sliced and Spliced Porcelain Pottery

Posted On September 20, 2010 21 Comments

There are many, many ways to put lines onto posts – carving, fluting, painting, drawing – but, I have to say, I had never seen anyone doing it quite like Jeff Campana. Jeff takes his well-thrown porcelain pots, chops them up into pieces, and then reassembles them. Then to top it all off, he uses glazes that pool in the seams. Today, Jeff shares his technique and how he arrived at such a labor intensive process in the first place.

On the Cover: Mike Jabbur’s liquor service, 12 in. (30 cm) in height, glazed porcelain and unglazed earthenware.

Pottery Making Illustrated May/June 2010

Posted On April 27, 2010 Comments Off on Pottery Making Illustrated May/June 2010

Theme: Throwing
It’s time to break out of those winter doldrums and get psyched with some fresh ideas for spring! We’ve got some hot projects and groovy techniques we think you’ll really enjoy. They’re not too complicated and allow for a lot of creativity. You’ll have fun displaying your thrown pieces in a handbuilt unit, or maybe you’d like to try your hand at cutting apart your work and reassembling it. David Hendley demonstrates how to take extruded forms and finish them off on the wheel, while Keith Phillips wows us with his salt and pepper shakers. The sooner you get to the studio, the sooner you’ll have some new pieces made.

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Ceramics Monthly, May 2010

Posted On April 19, 2010 0 Comments

Focus: Emerging Artists

This year, Ceramics Monthly received a record number of submissions to our Emerging Artists competition. We take that, as well as the high level of quality work submitted as a good sign that the field of studio ceramics is thriving. We are sure you will see the promise these artists bring not only to ceramics but to the world of creative endeavors as a whole.

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Blue and gold bowl, 8 in. (20 cm) in diameter, wheel thrown, dissected, and re-assembled, fired to cone 6 in oxidation, 2009.

Jeff Campana, Emerging Artist 2010

Posted On April 19, 2010 5 Comments

Jeff Campana, Louisville, Kentucky



Emerging Ceramic Artists of 2010 Announced! Vote for Your Favorite!

Posted On April 16, 2010 14 Comments

The May 2010 issue of Ceramics Monthly is out the door and should be arriving in subscribers mailboxes any day now. So I thought now would be the perfect time to showcase the focus of that issue, the 2010 Emerging Artists, on Ceramic Arts Daily. In addition to sharing this work on CAD, I thought I would bring back the People’s Choice award to give you all a chance to weigh in on your favorite emerging artist. Cast your vote today!

Studio Visit: Jeff Campana, Louisville, Kentucky

Posted On October 7, 2009 1 Comment

My studio is the main perk associated with my position as
visiting artist in the ceramics program at the University of Louisville. The
setting is urban and industrial, with the constant rumble of planes landing and
trains passing by. I have a large private space (10 × 27 feet) that opens into
the main ceramics studio classroom.

A Virtual Studio Tour: A Glimpse Into the Work and Lives of Two Ceramic Artists

Posted On September 21, 2009 31 Comments

If you’re like me, and enjoy visiting other artists in there studios, you will love today’s post. It comes from new series of articles in Ceramics Monthly,
which can basically be thought of as studio visits in print. And you can think of today’s excerpt as virtual studio visits to potter Jeff Campana’s and ceramic sculptor Patsy Cox’s studios.