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Ceramic Sculptor Adrian Arleo Shares How She Made a Life in Clay

Posted On July 30, 2012 7 Comments

As a child I always enjoyed making things. It’s been part of my trajectory from the very beginning; I loved to draw, paint, sew, and create doodads with whatever was around. My family has a history of women artists, though it has only been my generation who has worked professionally at it.


Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make Gestural Sculptural Pottery Using Soft Slabs – Part Two

Posted On July 29, 2011 24 Comments

Last Friday, I posted a video filmed at a Potters Council conference earlier this year. In the video, Tammy Marinuzzi demonstrated her handbuilding techniques for her figurative functional pottery. Today, I am sharing part two. In this segment, Tammy shows us how she makes the lids for her lidded jars, and how she adds life to the work by adding expressive eyes, noses, and mouths.


Contemporary Clay Sculpture: Modern Ceramic Sculpture as Narrative, Object, and Decor

Posted On July 11, 2011 0 Comments

Clay reigns as the oldest and most natural medium for sculpture. From the dawn of human history, people of every culture have taken clay and molded it into objects. You can coil monumental forms, build with slabs, make totems, or even use computers to generate sculptures. For thousands of years, clay’s versatility and universal accessibility have made it the most popular medium for creating three dimensional work.

In this video, Philippe Faraut returns to show us how to become ceramic hair stylists.

Ceramic Sculpture Video: How to Give Your Figurative Sculpture a Nice Coif

Posted On October 1, 2010 19 Comments

In today’s video, Philippe Faraut returns to demonstrate adding hair to a sculpture. So sit back, watch, and learn. Then race down to your studio to give it a try! Watch the video now!

Good Girls 1968 portraits, Washington State University Museum of Art, each 13 in. (33 cm) in height, earthenware, glaze, plaster, 2003–2007.

From Personal to Universal: Marilyn Lysohir’s Good Girls 1968

Posted On March 26, 2010 0 Comments

An installation of busts pays homage to an artist’s classmates of 40 years ago, blending personal reminiscence with historical and cultural reflection.

The Figure in Clay: Ceramic Sculptor Debra Fritts Gives a Sneak Peek of Potters Council Workshop

Posted On September 3, 2008 1 Comment

At the workshop, Debra demonstrated her handbuilding technique, which combines modeling, pinching and coiling for small figurative ceramic sculptures. After small sculptures are constructed, surface decoration was discussed and attendees had the hands-on opportunity to experiment with slips, underglazes, impressions and mark-making to start a surface on wet clay. Today, Debra has offered a glimpse into the surface decoration techniques she went go over at the workshop.


Ceramics Monthly: September 2008

Posted On September 1, 2008 Comments Off on Ceramics Monthly: September 2008

Focus: College Clay

Our annual Undergraduate Showcase kicks off this issue, followed by the Regional Student Juried Exhibition (RSJE) from the National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts conference. The RSJE is always one of the highlights of the conference; the work is impressive in scope and accomplishment.

Buy this back issue – $4.99 (PDF only)


Ceramics Monthly: 2008 June/July/August

Posted On June 1, 2008 Comments Off on Ceramics Monthly: 2008 June/July/August

Focus: The Potter’s Life

Our annual feature with advice, reflection and insights by working potters on how they balance life, work, studio, art, tough choices, easy choices, and how others might do the same.

Buy this back issue – $4.99 (PDF only)