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Pottery Video of the Week: Creating a Patina on Pottery with Trailed Slip and Layered Underglazes

Posted On July 11, 2014 36 Comments

In today’s video, an excerpt from Layered Surfaces (which is now shipping!), Erin Furimsky slip trails some patterns on a piece, then paints a couple of layers of different colored underglazes on top. After everything dries to bone dry, she sands and scrapes away at the layers creating an effect similar in appearance to weathered and worn layered paint. And it is gorgeous. Check it out!


How to Prepare Colored Slips for Slip Trailing, Plus Lots of Slip Trailing Tips!

Posted On April 5, 2013 0 Comments

Slip trailing is a lovely way to add dimensionality to your work. And it is super simple to prepare your slip from your own clay body. In today’s clip, an excerpt from her DVD Layered Surfaces, Erin Furimsky explains how to prepare slip for slip trailing, plus gives a bunch of tips on how to get the most out of your slip trailer.

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How to Make Paper Stencils in Bulk

Posted On November 7, 2012 1 Comment

I love working with paper stencils and underglazes. There’s something so satisfying about removing the stencil to see your crisp design below. But I  haven’t found an easy way to make multiples of more complicated stencils – until now. In today’s post, an excerpt from the November 2012 issue of Ceramics Monthly, Zygote Blum shares how he makes stencils in bulk – 48 or so at a time using a jeweler’s saw and frame and some other basic supplies. 


Pottery Video of the Week: Layering Soft-Stamped Underglazes and Sgraffito

Posted On July 27, 2012 15 Comments

Today, I thought I would share another fantastic layered surface technique from Erin Furimsky’s Layered Surfaces DVD. In this one, she takes ordinary foam craft stamps and puts her own twist on them. Then she combines that look with sgraffito (see finished glazed and fired piece below video!). Gorgeous, as usual. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Pottery Video of the Week: How to Combine Homemade Customizable Underglaze Transfers With Paper Stencils for a Beautiful Layered Effect

Posted On March 23, 2012 8 Comments

There are many different techniques for doing image transfers on clay and, in today’s video, Erin Furimsky demonstrates one of my favorites. This one allows you to make your own personalized transfer paper, kind of like the rice paper transfers that are available commercially.

shellac resist-620

Combining Stamped Underglaze Decoration with Shellac Resist to Create Gorgeous Layered Surfaces

Posted On July 1, 2011 35 Comments

A few weeks ago, the lovely and talented Erin Furimsky spent a few days here filming a DVD on layered ceramic surfaces, which will be out in July. I was so excited by the techniques that Erin demonstrated, that it was actually a little bit torturous to be behind the camera. I just wanted to race to the studio and start experimenting! Today I am sharing an excerpt from Erin’s DVD in which she combines a shellac-resist technique with stamped-on underglaze imagery. Have a look and then race to your studio to try it out!

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Posted On February 23, 2011 9 Comments
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Studio Visit: Erin Furimsky, Bloomington, Illinois

Posted On March 26, 2010 0 Comments

In this latest installment of our Studio Visit department, Erin Furimsky shares her personal practice and
insight into her career as a working ceramic artist.


Ceramics Monthly, February 2010

Posted On January 20, 2010 0 Comments

Focus: Pottery and Industry

Most of us in studio ceramics see ourselves as separate from industrial ceramics. The differences are clear; “we” make things by hand and “they” don’t; we make one-of-a-kind objects and they don’t; we make limited, short-run lines of work for a relatively small audience, and they make large production runs for mass consumption. However, I would argue that there are more similarities than differences, and there is a whole lot of middle ground where industry and the studio overlap.
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A Look Into the Studio of Ceramic Sculptor Erin Furimsky, Plus a Reminder About Our Studio Tour Video Contest!

Posted On November 30, 2009 15 Comments

Today, I thought I would send another shout-out about our Studio Tour Video Contest. In case you missed the first announcement, Skutt is providing a brand-new potters wheel as a prize for the potter/sculptor/amateur filmmaker who submits the most creative, fun, and informative video tour of his or her studio space. And to get you in the mood, in today’s post, Erin Furimsky tells us a little about her productive basement studio.