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Tagged:  Criticism and Aesthetics

Editor’s Picks: Top Five Ceramics Exhibitions and Events – July 2010

Posted On June 23, 2010 9 Comments

Hard to believe. July is almost here so it’s time for the July 2010
Editor’s Picks, a compilation of five top picks of ceramics exhibitions
and events from me, your trusty CAD editor (or perhaps some special
guest editors!). If I could be in five places at once, these picks
would be those places. This month I have chosen a few really amazing
group shows and the work ranges from the controversial to the sublime.
Have a look and see if you agree!

Wheel Throwing Video: It’s all in the Details – Design Considerations for Wheel Thrown Mugs, Cups, and Saucers

Posted On May 21, 2010 27 Comments

In today’s video, an excerpt from his DVD Form and Function: Ceramic Aesthetics and Design, Robin Hopper discusses the importance of good design on handmade pottery and demonstrates throwing a cup and saucer with these considerations in mind. Watch the video!

This piece is inspired by a traditional bronze or cast iron Japanses kettle form.

From Concept to Reality: Evaluating the Development of Influences and Ideas in Your Ceramic Art

Posted On May 3, 2010 19 Comments

In today’s post, I decided to turn to our good friend Robin Hopper for a good example of how to examine one’s work from concept to reality. Robin traces the development of some of his own works, considering the integration of form, development of imagery, and processes of final surface enrichment.

Wheel Throwing Video: It’s Gravy! How to Throw a Visually Pleasing and Functionally Sound Sauce Boat on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On September 18, 2009 12 Comments

In today’s video clip, potter Robin Hopper demonstrates throwing a simple sauce boat on the potters wheel, while discussing the aesthetic and functional issues that go into its design. Watch the video now!

The Month in Clay: August 2009

Posted On July 29, 2009 0 Comments

August 2009 is filled with great clay events and I am presenting a snapshot of them here. Enjoy browsing through the beautiful images presented here and, if possible, get out to see the work in person!