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Tagged:  Clay Tools


A Homemade Clay Tool Makes Building a Graceful Slab Bowl Easier

Posted On October 30, 2015 3 Comments
Randy Johnston Shares a Great Pottery Project and Some Homemade Clay Tools When slab building, sometimes it can be challenging to get a particular shape because if you let the clay stiffen long enough to lose its floppiness, you might end up with cracks in joints. When Randy Johnston had an idea for a form… Read More »

Brushwork on Ceramics: A Multitude of Decorative Possibilities for Pottery

Posted On August 5, 2013 10 Comments

Robin Hopper talks about the importance of a good brush and demonstrates one type of maiolica-style on-glaze decoration that can be created on pottery using different colored glazes, a brush and a slip trailer.

How to Make Custom Hardwood Throwing Ribs for Your Pottery

Posted On April 28, 2010 20 Comments

Making your own customized ribs is not only a way to help facilitate
your personal aesthetic touches, but, as Robert Balaban puts it, it
“permits creativity to extend from the clay to the tools.” In today’s
post, Robert shares his system for creating custom hardwood throwing

Porcelain Workshop Video: Meira Mathison, and Tom and Elaine Coleman Share Helpful Pottery Tool Tips

Posted On February 26, 2010 22 Comments

In this clip, Meira Mathison, and Tom and Elaine Coleman talk about some of their
favorite tools, such as the “can’t live without blanket.” Intrigued?
Check out the video here!


How to Carve Low-Relief Surface Designs into Wet Clay

Posted On January 4, 2010 23 Comments

Today we are launching another cool free gift: Ceramic Carving Tool Techniques: Bringing the Ceramic Surface to Life. This one is all about carving into clay and the best tools and techniques for doing so. In today’s post, an excerpt from our new download, potter Ann Ruel gives us the ins and outs of carving low relief designs into wet clay.


Ceramics Decorating Video: Slip Cones – Easy-to-Make Pottery Tools for Precise Slip Trailing

Posted On January 9, 2009 19 Comments

In today’s video, ceramic artist Charan Sachar shows us how to make a foolproof and ergonomic slip trailer out of some inexpensive materials. Watch the video now! and then make some for yourself. We’ve also included some step-by-step written instruction on the process.