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Totally Tubular! A Video Introduction to Using a Clay Extruder

Posted On September 17, 2010 13 Comments

In today’s video, and excerpt from his three-disc DVD set Extrude It!, David Hendley gives a helpful introduction to extruders. He shares his expertise on making homemade dies, clearly explains the physics behind using two-part dies and demonstrates how to pull an extrusion using a two-part die.

Porcelain Workshop Video: Meira Mathison, and Tom and Elaine Coleman Share Helpful Pottery Tool Tips

Posted On February 26, 2010 22 Comments

In this clip, Meira Mathison, and Tom and Elaine Coleman talk about some of their
favorite tools, such as the “can’t live without blanket.” Intrigued?
Check out the video here!


Pottery Studio Tour: Get to Know the Folks at Natchez Clay

Posted On February 12, 2010 43 Comments

By popular demand, today we are presenting one of our runners up in our recent Studio Tour Video Contest. This one is a tour of Natchez Clay, a teaching studio located in Natchez, Mississippi. It is full of great ideas for the studio, such as a terrific way to quickly turn a work space into a gallery space. Watch the video!

Studio Tour Video Contest Finalists

Posted On January 29, 2010 16 Comments

Watch our three Studio Tour Video Finalists and then vote for your favorite!


Clay Extruder Video: Make Your Own Hand-Held Clay Extruder

Posted On September 19, 2008 44 Comments

In today’s pottery video, David Henry returns with a follow up to his pitcher throwing video, which was shown a few weeks back. David takes us through the process of making your very own hand-held clay extruder in his usual down-to-earth manner. With a few readily available and inexpensive parts, you can be well on your way to making your own custom extruded handles for your pots.