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The Lisa Naples Collection

Posted On November 11, 2015 Comments Off on The Lisa Naples Collection
  Purchase The Lisa Naples DVD Collection – $99 FREE SHIPPING when you order the DVDs online! (Applies to US Orders Only) (Original list price for combo: $119.94)   Purchase The Lisa Naples Video Download Collection- $79   |     The Best of Both Worlds!   Whether you are a potter interested in expanding… Read More »

Creating Interesting Surfaces through Layering and Good Composition

Posted On November 6, 2015 0 Comments
To create surfaces that are really compelling, it often helps to start your decorating before the glazing stage and layer techniques. That, along with good composition, can make the difference between a “just okay” pot and a stellar pot.   Today, I am sharing two excellent examples of layered surfaces with excellent composition, from two… Read More »

How to Transfer Hand-Drawn Designs to Pottery Surfaces With Slip and Newspaper

Posted On October 19, 2015 2 Comments
An interesting twist on image transfer on ceramic surfaces Image transfer is hot hot hot in ceramics these days and we have shared a bunch of different image transfer techniques here on CAD. Today’s post has another great way to transfer images to ceramic surfaces – and one I hadn’t really seen before.   In… Read More »

How to Use Wax Resist and Ceramic Underglaze for Fine-Line Inlaid Decoration

Posted On October 2, 2015 9 Comments
A Great Way to Make Precise Lines with Ceramic Underglaze and Wax Resist Lately I have been doing a lot of ceramic underglaze inlay – sometimes called Mishima, or slip inlay – and I just love the results. One thing I don’t care for though is when parts of my lines chip off if the clay gets… Read More »

Resistance is Not Futile: Great Decoration with Resists

Posted On September 30, 2015 9 Comments

The options are many when it comes to creating decoration on your pottery with resists. Deanna Ranlett put several of them to the test.

In today’s post, we’re sharing Deanna’s assessment of wax resist and latex resist. For more, check out the September/October 2013 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Candy Rain reflects the artist’s daydreams about candy raining down from the sky and her studio dreams of combining her love of drawing and of clay.

Using Underglaze Pencils to Satisfy a Love of Drawing and Working With Clay

Posted On September 21, 2015 10 Comments

Judith King jokes that she has a split personality. Half of her wants to draw and paint, while the other half wants to make pottery. Her coping mechanism: make work that incorporates both. But we all know that it can be difficult to draw on clay. In today’s post Judith explains how she makes it work by using and image transfer technique to get her draw. 


Layers of Information: How to Build Surface Texture Layer by Layer

Posted On August 12, 2015 5 Comments

Today, Annie Chrietzberg explains how Lana Wilson uses bisque stamps, textured materials, rolling, and paddling to create layered texture on her work. She also explains her darting technique for creating a slab-built platter.


How to Silk Screen onto Wet Clay Using Dry Glaze Materials

Posted On August 5, 2015 2 Comments
Brad Menninga was interested in screen printing on wet clay, but didn’t want to mess with screen printing medium or long drying times to get his “inks” (in this case a glaze) to the consistency at which they wouldn’t run. So he thought, why not start with dry materials?   So he came up with… Read More »

A Brilliant Warm-Up Exercise for Brushwork Decoration

Posted On July 31, 2015 2 Comments
I love love love the look of brushwork decoration, but up to now, I have been a big chicken about actually trying it myself. I’ve never been very good at getting nice fluid brushstrokes and I have never wanted to practice on a pot. I know I could practice on paper, but it’s just not… Read More »

Deliberate Cracks: Heating and Stretching to Create Crackled Texture on Pottery

Posted On July 27, 2015 10 Comments

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era because I just love old things: antiques, weathered old buildings, vintage clothing. If you can relate, then you’ll love today’s feature because we’re going to show you how to create a crackled, craggy texture on your pottery. Canadian potter Robin Hopper explains how some heating, some stretching and a little sodium silicate can transform a freshly thrown pot into what looks like a weathered antique.