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Looking for Project Ideas for the Pottery Studio?

Pottery Making Illustrated Delivers!


You become a better potter every time you learn a new technique—your skills improve, your imagination expands, your inspiration grows. And with so many techniques to learn, it’s hard to decide where to begin. Pottery Making Illustrated
can help.


Pottery Making Illustrated is written by potters just like you—potters hooked on clay and really into exploring just how far they can go with a new technique or a incorporating some interesting bit of information. And the best part is that the potters in PMI share their enthusiasm and their information.


Pottery Making Illustrated is the only ceramic art magazine in the world written entirely by potters for potters. And it shows. Experienced ceramic artists freely share their tips, their techniques and their information so you can get the most out of your studio time. They show you successful ways to try new techniques and how to avoid time-consuming mistakes.

Pottery Making Illustrated is like a “workshop in print.” Many of the potters who write for PMI also present successful workshops, so they know how to provide you the information you need. Each issue contains scores of photos so you can see the technique from beginning to end, and you’ll return over and over again to pick up another tip or maybe a nuance you overlooked.


In issue after issue, you’ll discover new and exciting techniques that will improve your skills and inspire your work. Discover the skills you never knew you had and subscribe to Pottery Making Illustrated



Pottery Making Illustrated bills itself as “Your Resource for Ceramic Techniques” and they work to be true to that statement. This magazine has a lot to offer, no matter what your level of involvement is in creating with clay. It is practical, very understandable, very well-illustrated, and has a friendly feel to it.


One of Pottery Making Illustrated’s great strengths is its usual article format which gives an explanation of a technique followed by a project demonstrating that technique. Another serious advantage of their articles is that they are written by experienced potters and clay workers, and that experience shows through. –Beth Peterson, About.com


Improve Your Skills


Detailed Instructions

Many of the authors in PMI teach workshops or regular classes so they understand the value of including all the details and nuances of a technique. One of the best ways to to do this is to include photos of every step of a technique so you can pick and choose the level of detail you need at a glance. And while the step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow, the projects and techniques  are geared to the intermediate to advanced potter.

“PMI consistently comes up with new techniques that I and my classmates try in the studio”


Practical Techniques

Every issue of Pottery Making illustrated  includes practical techniques you can use on all facets of pottery making. Throwing, handbuilding, glazing, decorating, firing, raku, extruding, tile making, textures, templates, molds, and more. Potters are amazingly creative so they never run out of ideas.

“Pottery Making Illustrated is my best reference guide. I like the step-by-step illustrations and I always check before I start a new project.”


Pottery Projects

No two handmade pots will ever look alike. When you follow the step-by-step how-to instructions for a pottery project, whether it’s thrown, handbuilt or a combination, your skills and your imagination make it your own. and the techniques and tips you learn on one project will inspire you to mix them up on the next.

“PMI will tell me a better way to do something…”


Useful Information

Each issue contains useful information on tools, glazes, supplies and equipment. If you are considering a major purchase like a kiln or wheel, our experts will get you started with what to look for and options available.

“It is the most valuable written reference I get.”



Each Issue Goes Into the Studio

We’re potters who love to work with our hands, and Pottery Making Illustrated gets us to work smarter. Each issue contains scores of step-by-step photos that will inform and inspire you. We don’t show you innovative art, we show you innovative techniques. If you want to make pottery, then Pottery Making Illustrated is the magazine for you.

“Since I’m primarily teaching myself, PMI is a wealth of things I don’t know.”


Subscribe to Pottery Making Illustrated today for only $24.95 for a 1-year subscription (6 issues). You’ll receive dozens of techniques, scores of tips and tons of advice you can use so your next pot will be your best.


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