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Wheel Throwing Video: Making a Squashed Vase

Posted By Jennifer Harnetty On May 30, 2008 @ 10:06 am In Features,Video,Wheel Throwing Techniques | No Comments

In today's video, Simon Leach shares a simple technique for fighting round pot boredom.

In today's video, Simon Leach shares a simple technique for fighting round pot boredom.

Today Simon Leach shares another technique with us from his sunny studio in Spain. The “squashed vase” or “purse pot,” as he calls it, is a great form to try if you have grown tired of making round pots. Who said wheel-thrown pots have to be round? Watch the video, then give this technique a whirl! –Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Tips for trimming the squashed vase:
Plan Ahead:
When this pot is inverted for trimming, you’ll notice that it is a bit wobbly. Therefore trimming becomes precarious. The first step, then, starts in the throwing stage. Try to leave as little clay as possible at the base when you are throwing, so that there is less to trim later.
Larger Wads:
Use larger wads of clay to keep the pot in place on the wheelhead. This will help you minimize “tip overs.”
Tips on Getting Centered:
Center the pot as you would center any other pot. One way to help center is to hold your finger or a needle tool in a fixed position next to the pot (as shown). As the pot turns on the wheel, pay attention to where it touches your finger. Stop the wheel from spinning and move the pot away from this spot ever so slightly. Check again and repeat this process until the pot is centered.
Slow Down:
As you are trimming a pot such as a squashed pot, be aware that the pot might jump out of place while you are trimming so it might help to slow down your trimming speed. If it jumps out of place, just recenter it and try again.
Have fun with this technique and let it inspire other non-round pots!

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