Making citrus juicers on the wheel is a fun and deceptively simple little project. Juicers are handy additions to any kitchen and make great gifts too. In today’s Video Tip of the Week, Simon Leach demonstrates his juicer throwing technique. After a student had requested a juicer demo, Simon obliged and decided to put it on video. If I heard him correctly, I think this is the first juicer he has attempted – pretty darn good for a first try. If you have any tips on making juicers that you would like to share with Simon and everyone else, post them in the comments! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.
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in our free download, 7 Great Pottery Projects, ceramic artist Dannon Rhudy demonstrates her juicer throwing technique. If you haven’t already, be sure to download your free copy. Between Simon’s video instruction and the great step-by-step photos and instructions in Dannon’s article, you’ll be a juicer-making pro in no time.
About the star of this video:
Simon Leach operates Simon Leach Ceramics in Vall d’Alba, in eastern Spain. Here, time is given to experimenting with clays and glazes derived from local materials. He says, “There is a great sense of satisfaction in holding a bowl that has a glaze of carob or almond wood ash from the hillside or even a shovelful of the garden soil as its glaze, and along with its clay body, has all come from such humble origins.”
To learn more about Simon Leach and see images of his work, visit
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