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How to Ensure Proper Cup and Saucer Fit

I love making forms that go together, like salt and pepper sets, or cups and saucers. It is a fun exercise in problem solving to come up with forms that relate and fit together, both functionally and aesthetically. If you have never tried it, give it a shot.


To get you inspired, I am presenting a clip from our newest DVD Form, Pattern, and Underglaze: Wheel Throwing and Decorating with Meredith Host. In the clip, Meredith explains her method for getting a great fit on stacking cup and saucer sets. I really like the crisp line meredith gets when she trims the foot well into the saucer (rather than doing it during the throwing stage). She also explains how she takes care to make the top of each cup fit perfectly into the foot ring of the saucer above it to make sure they are secure when stacked.  – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.





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To learn more about Meredith Host or to see more images of her work, please visit www.meredithhost.com.



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