In this video, Andrew Sanders of Dixon, New Mexico, demonstrates pulling handles directly on the pot–a very handy skill indeed! This technique results in a more organic relationship between the handle and the vessel. And, because you, well,  handle your handle less, you’ll reduce the chance of accidentally nicking or dinging work and avoid extra clean-up time. Watch the video, then try it for yourself! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.
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MiyA Pottery of Dixon, New Mexico, is the collective effort of Andrew Sanders and Miya Endo. Together they have almost thirty years of experience with clay.
Andrew studied ceramics in England where emphasis was placed on functional design. Since then, Andrew has worked professionally as a potter and ceramics teacher in Holland and in the United States.
MiyA Pottery Studio
Miya, captivated by the beauty of Japanese culture and its special relationship with ceramic ware, started making pottery at the Indianapolis Art Center and has since allowed it to become the main focus of her life.Miya’s work is greatly influenced by her interest in things Japanese, and she likes to incorporate Japanese themes into her wheel-thrown decorative and functional ware.
Andrew and Miya have influenced each other greatly in their individual works and present a unique collection that balances function and aesthetic design. They specialize in wheel-thrown stoneware and raku. Andrew and Miya enjoy the spontaneity and direct interaction they have with each piece that goes through the stoneware and raku processes.
To see images of Andrew and Miya’s work, visit
The lovely MiyA Pottery Studio in Dixon, New Mexico.

The lovely MiyA Pottery Studio in Dixon, New Mexico.

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