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Pottery Video of the Week: Slab Building Architecturally Inspired Forms with Jeremy Randall

Slab Built vessels by Jeremy Randall.

Slab Built vessels by Jeremy Randall.

Recently I attended the Potters Council Surface + Form Conference at Funke Fired Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. And boy was it a good one! I took a bunch of video and today I am sharing one with you all.


This one features Jeremy Randall, who makes beautiful slab built vessels inspired by architecture. In this demonstration, Jeremy takes us through his process. He discusses using tarpaper molds as template material, playing with contrasting textures and embellishing with with carpenter tacks which mimic nails you might see in architecture. So sit back and enjoy! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



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This pottery video was filmed at the
Potters Council Surface + Form Conference.
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To learn more about Jeremy Randall and see more images of his work, please visit www.jeremyrandallceramics.com.