Tammy Marinuzzi is a people watcher. She observes body language and facial expressions and uses it as inspiration for her functional, yet also distinctly sculptural, pots. Sometimes cute, sometimes unsettling, these little “guys” expose and celebrate human imperfections.


I met Tammy earlier this year at the Potters Council Surface + Form workshop and had the pleasure of watching her work (and I just happened to catch it on film!). I was so impressed by her relaxed way of working and how she lets these little creatures evolve as they are being formed rather than starting out with a set plan.


There was so much good stuff in her process that I couldn’t quite condense it down to one video, so today I will show you part one. Tune in next week for part two! –  Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



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This video was filmed at the Potters Council Surface + Form workshop.
To learn about upcoming Potters Council workshops visit www.potterscouncil.org.

To learn more about Tammy Marinuzzi or see more images of her finished work, please visit http://tammymarinuzzi.com.




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