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Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make a Textured Soft Slab Wall Plate

Making plaster molds from found forms is a great way to introduce new shapes into your pottery repertoire. The local dollar store or thrift shop can turn up interesting and inexpensive forms.


In today’s video, a (much condensed) excerpt from our DVD Slabs, Templates, Textures and Terra Sigillata, potter Jeremy Randall demonstrates just such a project. Jeremy shows his signature texture making method, and makes a soft slab textured wall plate with an extruded rim and foot. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.




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This clip was excerpted from Slabs, Templates, Textures and Terra Sigillata: Handbuilding and Decorating Techniques, which is available 
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To learn more about Jeremy or see more images of his work, please visit www.jeremyrandallceramics.com.