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How to Handbuild a Graceful Over-the-Top Teapot Handle That Looks Pulled

Today, we are introducing a new DVD that is a little different from our usual DVDs. This one, Getting Creative with Spouts & Handles, features four terrific artists demonstrating four complete projects with interesting approaches to spouts and handles. When we got questions about whether or not our Signature Series downloadable videos were available on disc, we thought, why not make compilation discs with several artists tackling a specific form or theme? So here they are (and the individual downloads are still available too!).


In today’s clip, I am showing you an excerpt from Mike Jabbur’s teapot video, in which he demonstrates his great technique for handbuilding graceful over-the-top handles that look like they’re pulled. –Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


PS. Though these projects have an emphasis on spouted forms and handles, they take you in-depth through building the whole pot from the ground up, so there’s lots of extra information to boot! 




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This clip was excerpted from Getting Creative with Spouts & Handles, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore!

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To learn more about Mike Jabbur or to see more images of his work, please visit www.mikejabbur.com.


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