Dennise Buckley assembles a two-part pinch pot.

Dennise Buckley assembles a two-part pinch pot.

Pinch pots are the first introduction into working with clay for many people because they are probably the most accessible ceramic technique there is. You don’t need any fancy equipment – just your hands! But that doesn’t mean pinch pots are boring. If you’re after a nice, organic look, pinch pots are a wonderful option. But I have also seen some beautiful, refined pinch pots in my day.


In today’s video, an excerpt from the DVD A Potters Progress, Dennise Buckley shares some pointers on making strong pinch pots. She not only gives an overview of the very basic technique, but demonstrates how it can be taken farther to make more complex forms. In her example, she makes a sculptural form influenced by the seed capsule of a poppy. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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This clip was excerpted from A Potters Progress, with Dennise Buckley, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore!



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