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Pottery Video of the Week: Design Techniques and Tips for Outstanding Majolica Pottery


I think everyone who has a passion for making pottery has experienced the heartbreak of making a great pot and then ruining it in the glaze stage. I certainly have. In fact, I think glazing and decorating is the most challenging part of this medium.


So today I am sharing this video clip from Linda Arbuckle’s Majolica DVD. Not only does Linda give excellent advice and show examples for how to develop successful decoration. But she also shares a number of great technical tips for painting with majolica colors. Though this clip was condensed quite a bit for web posting, I still think it is packed with great information. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



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This clip was excerpted from Majolica Decorating: Creating Colorful Surfaces with Linda Arbuckle, which is ON SALE (through Monday, October 14, 2013) in the the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.


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To learn more about Linda Arbuckle or see more images of her work, please visit lindaarbuckle.com.




 For more great glazing techniques techniques, be sure to download your free copy of Four Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques: How to Formulate Successful Crystalline Glazes, Add Depth Through Carving and Layering, and Glaze in the Majolica (Maiolica) Style.