A couple of years ago, potter Nan Rothwell and her son Alan, a videographer, made a DVD on Nan’s throwing techniques. They had such a good time making that DVD, that they decided to follow it up with a video on glazing and decorating. Today, at long last, that DVD makes makes its debut!


In this clip, Nan demonstrates some different ways to make patterns on pottery using various objects, including a simple homemade stamp made out of a standard pottery throwing sponge. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.




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 This clip was excerpted from Glazing and Decorating Pottery, with Nan Rothwell, which is coming soon to the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore!
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To learn more about Nan and see more images of her work, please visit www.nanrothwellpottery.com.



For more great glazing techniques techniques, be sure to download your free copy of Three Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques: How to Formulate Successful Crystalline Glazes, Add Depth Through Carving and Layering, and Glaze in the Majolica (Maiolica) Style.



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