Rene Murray rolls a white clay into a red clay to begin her slab inlay technique.

In today’s video, Rene Murray, a presenter at the upcoming Potters Council Surface + Form Conference, demonstrates her twist on inlaying contrasting clay bodies into one another for graphical surface decoration. One of the things I really liked in Rene’s video was the idea of laying down a picture plain of color before laying down imagery. I just really loved the irregular edges of the plain of color and how it set off the picture. I also loved her spontaneity – something I struggle with in the studio. Hope you like it too! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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Rene Murray will be a presenter at the
Potters Council Surface + Form conference.

Register before December 27, 2010 and save $50!


To learn more about Rene Murray or see more images of her work, please visit


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