China Painting on Tile

Glazing pottery is an exciting process for some and a frustrating process for others. Some fall into the latter camp because of the fact that the glaze in its unfired form often looks nothing like the glaze in its fired form. If this has been a source of frustration for you because you would like to paint detailed imagery on your pots, China painting might be just the ticket for you. Fired at the lowest end of the ceramic firing range, China paint offers potters the chance to get consistent, durable and predictable color in their decoration.


In today’s pottery video, an excerpt from the forthcoming DVD New Directions in China Painting, Paul Lewing demonstrates a technique for creating a bamboo painting with a sumi brush. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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This clip was excerpted from New Directions in China Painting with Paul Lewing, coming soon to the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore!

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