We’ve got more Robin Hopper love for you today Ceramic Arts Daily readers! We always get such a good response to his tips so I decided I would throw in a Robin Hopper video for you today. This one is excerpted from his DVD
Making Marks: Ceramic Surface Decoration, a video adaptation of his popular book of the same name.


In this clip, Robin goes over a couple of surface decoration techniques; one involving clay slip and fiber, and the other involving soft clay. As usual, Robin provides an excellent, clear explanation of these nifty little techniques and should inspire you to go directly to your studio at the first opportunity! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.






This clip was excerpted from Robin Hopper’s two-disc DVD Making Marks: Ceramic Surface Decoration. This impressive DVD covers scores of techniques you can use in every phase of the ceramic process from initial forming through post-firing treatments.



 For more great ceramic decorating techniques, be sure to download your free copy of Five Great Pottery Decorating Techniques: A How-to Guide for Decorating Ceramics with Slip Transfers, Chinese Brush Techniques, Ceramic Slip, Sgraffito, and More.



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