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Ceramics Decorating Video: How to Mix and Apply Terra Sigillata for Burnishing Pottery

Pit firing and burnishing are ancient techniques, but many contemporary ceramic artists choose these techniques because of the beautiful and earthy qualities they produce. Potter Sumi von Dassow has been making this type of work for more than thirty years and knows a thing or two about burnished low-fire pottery.So she made a DVD about the subject (and wrote a book too!).

In today’s video, an excerpt from her new DVD Pit Firing and Burnishing, she demonstrates how to mix and apply terra sigillata to burnish into a beautiful sheen. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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To learn more about Sumi von Dassow, please visit: http://www.herwheel.com/

This clip was excerpted from Pit Firing and Burnishing with Sumi von Dassow, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.