On the Cover: Jason Bige Burnett’s designs and decoration are heavily influenced by years of watching cartoons as a kid. His technique for transferring whimsical motifs to his pots he learned as a grown-up.

Theme: Surface Decoration

The holiday season may seem a long way off as we enjoy the last days of summer, but it closer than you think. If you’re planning on trying out some new techniques for gift ideas this year, now’s the time to get started. And do we have some great ideas you can start with! We’re happy to have Jason Burnett, Kristin Pavelka, Connie Norman and Kate & Will Jacobson as our featured contributors in this surface decoration issue, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy every new technique.

Bill Jones, Editor


Deep Plates

 by Kristin Pavelka

Kristin Pavelka demonstrates making plates on the wheel. For decorating them, she looks to Iranian sgraffito wares from the 11th and 12th centuries for her inspiration. She’s mastered combining the soft muted colors that blend and sometimes drip with her sgraffito and inglaze decorating technique.


Slippery When Wet

by Jason Bige Burnett

We’re featuring Jason Bige Burnett in this issue because his work just makes you smile! I’ve always admired the whimsy in the furnishings and décor of animated cartoons from the 50s and 60s, and Jason captures that sense of style with his slip transfer technique.


Say It With Clay

by Connie Norman

For anyone who appreciates writing and type, you’ll love Connie Norman’s wordplay-as-decoration technique. While she uses letterpress type, you’ll find many choices for stamping letters on the web or at your local craft store. My favorite aspect of this technique is that text takes on a different meaning when fired in clay—different media, different message. I guess Marshall McLuhan was right.


From Oh No! To Oh Wow!

by Kate & Will Jacobson

Kate and Will Jacobson demonstrate a technique they accidentally discovered 25 years ago and that helped begin a new aesthetic within the raku community. Over the years they’ve continued to experiment with the procedure and as you might guess, it’s pretty well fine tuned.

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In the Mix: 3 Ingredient Glazes

by Holly Goring

Associate Editor Holly Goring came up with simple glazes so she could spend more time working in clay. If you like simple, her 3 ingredient glazes will be a hit.




Tools of the Trade:Urchin Texture

 by Annie Chrietzberg

Annie Chrietzberg writes about Marcos Lewis, a retired commercial fisherman now living in New Mexico. While his tools and technique are basic, the results are sea-urchin inspired containers you can easily try your hand at.


Supply Room:Roll Call

by Bill Jones

Rolling textures onto a surface is a creative opportunity for anyone. You can make texture rollers yourself or try one of the many great products on the market.


Tips from the Pros:On a Roll

 by Rick Berman

When Rick Berman accidentally dropped a pot and flattened one side, he saw something he liked. Now he flattens his bottles using a more controlled technique.


Instructors File:Thrown Portraits by Tony Natsoulas

by Don Hall

Tony throws clay—literally. If you’re a daring instructor, you’ll love Tony’s assignment for throwing clay against a board on the wall, then sculpting a figure. Weird, but you gotta see it.


Off the Shelf: Stencil and Colored Clay DVDs

 review by Sumi von Dassow

Sumi reviews two new DVDs fro Ceramic Arts Daily Presents – Screen Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless and Expanding Your Creative Palette with Colored Clay with Curtis Benzle.


Pottery Illustrated:Roulette Patterns

illustrated by Robin Ouellette

Looking for some ideas for a roulette design? Our pottery illustrator Robin Ouellette supplies some designs to get you rolling.



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