On the Cover: Tim Ludwig’s lidded jar with crown imperial, 15 in. (38 cm) in length, earthenware, slip, and glaze, fired to cone 06.



Theme: Surface Decoration


It’s hard to believe that it’s already approaching fall, meaning school and the Holidays are close behind. For the past several years, we’ve celebrated the surface with our September/October issue and this year we’re continuing that tradition with a stellar lineup of articles.


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Elevating Earthenware
by Ben Carter


Ben Carter steps out of the norm both his his construction and decorating regimen. Beginning with handbuilt forms made in a drop mold, he then decorates using a sgraffito technique along with metal stamps and rollers to create a nice contrast.




Spontaneity and Control
by Tim Ludwig


One of the joys of working in clay is the infinite possibilities available for forms and decoration. Tim Ludwig uses an earthenware clay to make forms influenced by Peter Voulkos’s abstract expressionism, then he decorates them in the botanical illustrative style of the 18th century. Just follow his very clear step-by-step instructions and you’ll evolve your own crazy mixture of techniques and styles.




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Cloche de Beurre
by Keith Phillips


Keith Phillips (The Pancaker, Gumball Machine, American Butter Dish) returns with yet another creation — the Cloche de Beurre (French Butter Dish — it just sounds a lot fancier in French). This ingenious kitchen gadget keeps butter fresh at room temperature for weeks so it’s always ready for muffins or vegetables — yum!




Paul Barchilon’s Arabesque
by Annie Chrietzberg


Annie Chrietzberg returns with a technique from Paul Barchilon on the arabesque style of decoration. While the finished results look impossible, it hole technique is broken down into simple steps. The complexity of design that’s possible on the decorated surface has no limits, and Paul’s technique will get you started on what could possibly be a lifetime passion.



Tips from the Pros, Instructor’s File, Tools of the Trade, Supply room


To round out the issue, you’ll find information from David Scott Smith on using translucent porcelain to its best advantage in creating lamps and lights. Ann Ruel uses etching cream to create designs on glossy surfaces while Robin Hopper explains the variety of sprayers available.



Off the Shelf: Ceramic Jewelry


And last but not least, we’re pleased to include an excerpt from our new Ceramic Jewelry book on how to make multi-colored ceramic brooches. Read all about this and book review by Sumi von Dassow.



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