Theme: Functional Pottery

Using clay to make items for eating, drinking and around the home is a favorite activity. Not only do potters enjoy the connection between using handmade objects in everyday settings, they creatively seek out challenging techniques for making both common and uncommon utilitarian pieces. In this issue they explore the goblet, the candy dispenser, rectangular casseroles and large handled platters.


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Unified Throwing
by Jan Parzybok

Studying and understanding the geometry and physics of a pot is important to making well-designed and beautiful work. Jan Parzybok demonstrates how to throw a well balanced and perfectly functional goblet in this step-by-step pottery project. How about a toast?

Feeding the Habit
by Keith Phillips

Keith Phillips has always been fascinated by machines but the engineering logic always escaped him. When he started tinkering with making machines out of his pots, he kept his designs simple-essential for a medium that shrinks and warps. His how to instruction for making a ceramic gum ball machine dispenses candy, gum balls or nuts-all for free!

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Circle Squared: Creating Rectangular Casseroles
by Mike Baum

After someone requested a rectangular open casserole suitable for baking lasagna or brownies, Mike Baum set about creating what has become a signature dish. In his step-by-step throwing demonstration, he shows how to throw the bottom and sides separately then assemble them into elegant functional pieces for the kitchen.

Get a Grip: Making Handled Platters
by Michael Guassardo

A handled platter is ideal for fruit and salads as well as for serving. While platters look deceptively simple to make, Mike takes you through his how-to technique for throwing and integrating all the parts for a large handled platter that’s sure to grab the attention of guests at your next dinner party.

Tips from the Pros: Out of Round
by Ann Ruel

Breaking out of the circular boundaries of the wheel was important to Ann so she developed a technique for making a layered plywood mold. In this step-by-step technique for making a layered plywood mold, all you need is to dream up the shape you want.

Tools of the Trade: Measure Once, Throw Twice
by Bill Jones

Throwing gauges have been used for centuries in potteries to help the potter make duplicates on the wheel without the use of molds. Beyond the calipers, two types of gauges are shown-the Western gauge that mounts near the wheel head and the Japanese gauge, or tombo, favored by potters in Asia.

Supply Room: Pottery Tool Kit
by Jeff Zamek

We all have one-standard issue in your first ceramics class-the pottery tool kit is a mainstay of the pottery studio. For the uninitiated, this rundown will provides an overview of this venerable (and highly functional) 8-piece kit and the uses for each tool.

Instructors File: Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Ornaments
by Hanna Lore Hombordy

For the teacher hard pressed to find a simple project to occupy students just before Thanksgiving break, here’s a solution. This simple one-step coil project is perfect for making lasting gifts from any type of clay and tag ends of glazes in time for the Holidays.

Off the Shelf: Ceramic Design Course by Anthony Quinn
by Sumi von Dassow


This book really is a college course in ceramic design boiled down to its essentials. From sketch to model to final product, the whole process is discussed.

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