Space Helmets and Large Pots


Why does everyone think the future is space helmets, silver foil, and talking like computers, like a bad episode of Star Trek?

—Tracey Ullman


If there’s one thing I really like about making pottery, it’s that it’s pretty much remained the same over the past few thousand years. Yes, we have better clays and glazes and we can even track our firings on an iPhone, but throwing and handbuilding just haven’t changed all that much. However, some things do change, and in that vein we’re pleased to announce that the future has arrived and the new tablet version of Pottery Making Illustrated is now available (if link does not work, check back in a couple of days). Check it out and catch all the features! 

Back to the present, this issue features Linda and Charlie Riggs revealing their naked raku technique, potters Yoko Sekino-Bové and Claire O’Connor show you how to throw large by being smart, and featured artist Deb Schwartzkopf combines throwing and handbuilding to create some awesome lidded containers. Beyond these proven techniques, you’ll also find information on frits, tessellations, knobs, lusters, and even how to make butter (something I’m sure we’ll always have — even years from now). I’m pretty sure future potters will be using the same techniques we use today, but maybe they’ll get their information broadcast directly to their foil-covered helmets? Who knows?

 —Bill Jones, Editor

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In this issue

Claire O’ Connor
10 Ways to Throw Smarter
These tips will help you throw larger forms with less effort. 
Linda and Charlie Riggs
Pop Goes the Slip
Discover what’s underneath with naked raku techniques.


Deborah Schwartzkopf
Kaleidoscope Patterns: Covered Jars
Combine forming techniques to create intricate vessels. 

Johanna DeMaine 
Working with Lusters 
Add your personal touch to a challenging project. 

Shana Salaff  
Mockingjay Vase
Create quirky forms by mixing and matching thrown parts.

Yoko Sekino- Bové
Big Platters the Easy Way
Throw large platters using more brains, less brawn.



Deanna Ranlett 
Love the Frit You Have 

Find out what happens when you blend fritted glazes.

Amy Meya 
Designing with Tesselations

Design, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp…


Sumi von Dassow’s In the Kitchen 
French Butter Crock

Make a crock and the butter, too! 

Pottery Illustrated by Robin Ouellette



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