On the Cover: Frank James Fisher’s SYNGAS Tea Can, porcelain, raku fired. Photo: Frank Kidd.

Theme: Endless Techniques


When Geoffrey Chaucer said back in the 15th century “The life so short, the craft so long to learn” he could have been speaking in the 21st century. Pottery making is an art and craft that has no limits for learning, and this is borne out once again in this issue of PMI. Just when you think you’ve mastered enough techniques, we roll out some more, which we think is a good thing. We take a look at some cool throwing techniques and tips in this issue we know you’ll enjoy.


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Taming the Untamed
by Wally Asselberghs


Here’s an article that’s one of the first in a series about naked raku that will appear over the course of the next couple of years. Wally is one of the world’s best practioners of this technique and will be featured in an upcoming book due out in 2012.



Tea Cans: What a Gas!
by Frank James Fisher

Frank has always been intrigued with industrial objects and he enjoys making a connection between his work in clay and old utilitarian objects. His tea cans are inspired by his collection of old gas and kerosene containers and reflect a bygone era.


Family Flair
by Nancy Zoller

When Nancy makes teapots, she makes a family of four. This is about her limit that she feels comfortable with – enough to experiment a little and try out some new things within each batch. Her forms are simple but allow her flexibility in decorating.


Basin Instincts
by Annie Chriezberg

KJ MacAlister makes handmade sinks using burdock leaves for both texture and pattern. One of the best parts of the article includes tips on how to size the drain hole. Now you have everything you need to make your own sink – they’re easier than you think!


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Low-fire Alkaline Glaze
by Cheryl Pannabecker

Cheryl revisits low-fire alkaline glazes that appeared in a 1967 issue of Ceramics Monthly. Through testing, she produced some pretty good colorful results.


Groovy Ceramics
by Frank James Fisher

When Frank noticed a bunch of trim scraps at a local home center, his thought immediately went to “clay tool”. Next time you’re at a lumberyard, ask for some of the scraps and try them out.



Give Your Hands a Break
by Bill Jones

After seeing some discussion online about hand creams, we decided to see what potters have been recommending over the years. We found 15 worthy of note and a handful of tips that might just make your hands smooth as silk.


Jeff Morales’ Bamboo Handles
by Cathy Ray Pierson

Creating handles from bamboo is easy, but the way Jeff does is a bit more complicated – and quite elegant.



Messing with Majolica
by Jake Allee


Jake takes the majolica technique and demystifies it. By describing each step in detail, there’s no reason for you not to at least attempt this classic technique.



Book Review: Throwing Large
by Sumi von Dassow

Read the entire review online here.


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