On the Cover: Lisa Pedolsky demonstrates making and texturing creative forms and surfaces. Photo: Waldemar Winkler.

Finding Your Voice

Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins tells aspiring poets that “your voice is hidden in the voices of others.” He explained that to find your voice, you need to identify the poets you like and read their poetry. You’ll soon discover poems you wish you had written, and you’ll become jealous and competitive. As you emulate the poems and improve on them, your voice will emerge over time and the individual influence of other poets will no longer stand out. The same thing happens in pottery as you identify techniques and pots you like. When you learn the techniques of other potters, you’ll discover ways to improve on them to make them your own; and eventually, your voice will emerge.

Bill Jones, Editor

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In this issue:

The Cup & Saucer: A Renaissance of Form
by Lyla Goldstein

When I think of cups and saucers I think of fine china and the extended pinkies of gray-haired ladies as they sip tea. Not Lyla. Her earthenware cups and saucers breathe a whole new life into this traditional form that likely to start a new craze.

Impeccably Constructed: The Slab Forms of Lisa Pedolsky
by Jonathan Kaplan

Lisa makes elegant forms from slabs of clay. Jonathan details her process from making templates through fitting all the pieces together. He covers her finishing technique in Tips from the Pros (we do that every once in awhile when we run out of room for a good technique).

Making Brushes
by David L. Gamble

David said he does a little demo at his workshops on how to make your own brushes and agreed to put a photo sequence together for PMI. It’s a simple process and your next brush may just be as close as your dog sleeping on the floor near your foot. Hmmmmmm, now where are those scissors?

Mitered Box
by Daryl E. Baird

Daryl has enough ideas about slab building that he’s written a book called From a Slab of Clay due out in March. His mitered box is one of 16 demonstrations in the book along with chapters on tools, techniques, examples from other artists and more.

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In the Mix: Low-Fire Crystals
by Deanna Ranlett

Deanna is the owner of Atlanta Clay www.atlantaclay.com and loves to experiment with glazes. She’s agreed to share some of her results beginning with Low-Fire Crystals.

Tools of the Trade:What’s Your Angle
by Bill Jones

We take a look a several options for cutting bevels in clay slabs since there are two article in the issue that require mitered joints. From the adjustable Dirty Girls Slab Bevel Tool and Xiem’s rib-shaped X-Bevel to the new AccuAngle sliding beveler, you’ll be able to see which one is right for you.


Supply Room:Cracking the QR Code
by Jake Allee

Consider placing a QR code on the bottom of a mug or your business card and send customers and collectors to your web page.


Tips from the Pros: Texturing and Layering Surfaces
by Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan describes in detail the steps Lisa Pedolsky takes to decorate her awesome slab boxes.

Instructors File:Ty Johnson’s Bird Feeders
by Annie Chrietzberg

What do you think goes through a bird’s mind when he lands in a bird feeder that is the mouth of a huge dog? Annie can’t answer that but does show you the technique for Ty’s open-mouth bird feeder design.

Off the Shelf:From a Slab of Clay
reviewed by Sumi von Dassow

This review will be available from the bookstore website.

Pottery Illustrated: Pitcher Profiles
Illustrated by Robin Ouellette



To purchase this back issue, call 1-800-340-6532.
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