Allison McGowan Hermans’ Bottice Vase, 11 in. (28 cm) in length, handbuilt porcelain, impressed and stamped patterns, glazes, fired to cone 10–11 in an electric kiln, 2014.

Celebrating a New Season


Hello. I have the best job in the world. I spend my days looking at ceramics and ceramic making techniques then deciding which projects to share with you. Working on each issue is like being in ceramics class everyday. I love that—new ideas, new techniques, working with my hands in a different but equally effective way. As I’ve learned working on the magazine for the past six years, creative processes (both in the studio and in the office) happen in many different ways. We start with an artist’s technique, the editors gather text and images, the design team creates a layout, all the articles are gathered for the issue, and corrections are made. When all the articles are ready to go, we send it to the printer, and ultimately onto you to (hopefully) discover something new for your own practice. While I do spend more time talking about ceramics than making it these days, the end result is still very satisfying and my hands still feel as though they’ve been making something for others to enjoy.


So after you’ve had a chance to make your own pitchers and platters, and celebrate summer with handmade pottery, let me know what you think, get in touch, send me your ideas. I want to hear from you.—Holly Goring, Editor.


In this issue

DRanlett_JA14 Smith_JA14

Deanna Ranlett

Dark Clay Bodies

Don Hickethier and David Scott Smith

Math and Art Join Forces

Daly_JA14 SASalaff_JA14

Greg Daly
Variations On a Theme

Shana Angela Salaff

Bringing Indigo Batik Patterns to Clay
Looking for both the inspiration and tools needed to transfer printed fabric patterns to clay? Explore the world of batik for both ideas and beautiful stamps.

KHenson_JA14 AMHermans_JA14

Kenyon Hansen
Blending the Lines
Use added relief lines and carved texture to visually enhance and creatively charge your lidded pitchers.

Allison McGowan Hermans

Handbuilt Vases with Natural Undulations
Add some great textures, flowing curves, and active rims to your slab-built vase forms.


LCurtis_JA14 MSchiemann_JA14

Laurie Curtis
Watercolor Maiolica Technique

Adapting watercolor methods, like working with washes and layering color, gives maiolica pieces a different look. 

Matt Schiemann
Celebrating Whiskey Bottles and Cups

It’s long been the tradition to store spirits in ceramic vessels. Try throwing your own tall, collared form for whatever you may be drinking this summer.

JConrad_JA14 SVDassow_JA14

John W. Conrad
Making a Flat and Thin Platter

Learn a few building and drying tips for keeping large platters flat all the way through the firing.

Sumi von Dassow’s In the Kitchen 

DIY Garlic Roasters


Pottery Illustrated by Robin Ouellette 

Drinking Vessels


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