When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.

—Walt Disney


Curiosity is one of the driving forces that makes working with clay so interesting and entertaining. We basically enjoy poking, prodding, throwing, altering, glazing and decorating clay according to a plan, but our enthusiasm builds as we find new ways to create by simply asking “what if?” or “I wonder?” These are the questions that lead us down new paths of discovery. 


One of the interesting things about curiosity is that it makes us interested in a broad range of information about clay. We enjoy looking at all kinds of ceramics from sculptures to mugs, as well as all types of techniques whether we intend to use them right away or not. It’s the joy of learning that keeps us going, and just see if you’re curious about any of the following:


What can you add to clay to add texture or color?
How far can you extend a flared rim without it collapsing?
How do you get fine black lines for a decoration?
What happens when you brush color on molds?
Have you wondered what causes a glaze to craze?
Have you ever used clay instead of paper for sketching?
How do you make a sauerkraut jar and sauerkraut?
Ever thought of making a tulipiere?
The list could go on, but each of these questions is answered in this issue.Bill Jones, Editor
In this issue


Kathleen Standen
Additions to Clay Bodies
An excerpt from Kathleen in her in new book, 
Additions to Clay Bodies.

Royce Yoder
Finessing Flared Forms
Tips for throwing bowls and platters with flared rims.

Doug Peltzman
To a Tea
Advanced surface techniques using resists.

Peter Pincus 

Slipcasting with Colored Clay 
Applying underglazes to molds to transfer decorations.


Clay Cunningham
Loose-Leaf Teapots
How to add an infuser to your teapot.

Glenn Woods
By the Board
Great tray project using a board.



Deanna Ranlett

How to tackle crazing in your glazes.


David Gamble 
A World of Ideas

Lessons in how to put your ideas in clay.


Sumi von Dassow’s In the Kitchen
Fermenting Crocks

Time for making sauerkraut!


Pottery Illustrated by Robin Ouellette

Flower Bricks & Tulipieres

Great ideas for showing off flowers!


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