On the Cover: Bowie Croisant’s soda-fired lidded container, 91/2 in. (24 cm) in height, porcelain, 2010.


Theme: Firing


If you think about it, Pottery Making Illustrated is like a two-month ‘workshop’ delivered to your door. In the July/August issue we’ve assembled a group of potters and experts exploring some firing-related topics you’ll find exciting.


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Grilling Season
by Sumi von Dassow


Our goal is to get you to think ‘outside the electric kiln’, so we invited low-firing expert Sumi von Dassow to check out the possibilities of smoke firing in a Weber BBQ grill. Pots on the barbie, anyone?



The Many Facets of Soda Firing
by Annie Chrietzberg


Meanwhile, Annie Chrietzberg has been out and about again traveling and reporting, this time on how Bowie Croisant gets those great soda effects on his faceted pieces. Look for an article on how he makes the faceted pieces in a future issue.

Message on a Bottle
by Frank James Fisher


Frank James Fisher shows us the step-by-step process for making ultra-thin pieces with highly detailed surfaces—a process he’s worked on for years to perfect—and it shows.


Etched in Clay
by Jim Gottuso


Jim Gottuso takes water etching to the next level with a multi-step process for getting several layers of etching on a single piece.


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Microwave Kilns
by Jessica Knapp


Staff editor Jessica Knapp explores using a microwave kiln, firing work in her kitchen microwave, reaching 1650°F in just 5 minutes! Since she could run a test just about every half hour, she was busy exploring a lot of options right up to press time.


Egyptian Paste
by Robin Hopper


And staff editor Holly Goring takes a look at Egyptian Paste, an ancient self-glazing clay body technique.



10 Hot Kiln Tips
by David L. Gamble


When he presents workshops for teachers, David Gamble gets asked the same questions over and over again about kiln problems. From his many years of experience on the subject, here are his top ten suggestions for eliminating the majority of firing problems.


Out of the Woods
by Kathy Pallie


When Kathy received a commission for one her wall hangings from a local ski resort, she was thrilled. And while she faced many challenges on how to build, construct and hang a 300 pound work of art, she succeeded in every aspect and she tells all.


Properly Propped
by Barbara Coultry


We were going through old issues of the magazine and came across this article by Barbara Coultry that was first published more than 10 years ago. Her information is timeless.



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