Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. —Albert Einstein


If you could see my studio you’d realize that I don’t hesitate to try new things. There are ugly glazes, nasty-looking bisqued pieces, and piles of scrap clay from failed projects awaiting reclaim. On the shelf is a collection of “what-were-you-thinking” work that made it through at least one firing that’ll be purged when I need more space. In all fairness, some of my mistakes resulted from carelessness. For example, I know you’re supposed to test glazes before you use them, or you can mess up a lot of pots. With the new year, I’m looking forward trying new things on a regular basis and maybe trying to perfect some of the techniques that worked well in years past. Maybe you could try a lot of new things in the coming year and don’t worry about making mistakes along the way.  It’ll be worth it.— Bill Jones, editor.

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In this issue

JSingewald_JF14 SSalaff_JF14

Joe Singewald

Choose Your Own Adventure
Make a template on the fly, roll out some slabs, and see where the experiment takes you!

Shana Salaff

Interconnected Cruets and Vase Sets
Making a grouping of vessels that work just as well together as they do alone.

JJensen_JF14 KMaury_JF14

Jay Jensen
Software Meets Soft Clay
Designing and cutting vinyl to use as a glaze resist patterns on uniquely handbuilt forms.

Kate Maury

The Sprig-Embellished Candlestick
Start with a basic shape, and transform it into an ornate and functional centerpiece.

LZSummerfield_JF14 JConrad_JF14

Liz Zlot Summerfield
Solutions to a Footed Slab Plate
Centering a nice smooth foot on a plate or tray has never been easier.

John Conrad

Decorating Wheels


DRanlett_JF14 RHarrison_JF14

Deanna Ranlett
Firing Up and Down

Slowing down the cooling process at the end of the firing can prevent dunting and create some cool surfaces.

Robert Harrison
Studio Ergonomics


SVDassow_JF14 LWeathers_JF14

Sumi von Dassow’s In the Kitchen
Oval Lidded Casseroles

Larry Weathers

Soft Brick Repair

 Pottery Illustrated by Robin Ouellette 

Mimbres Designs

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