On the Cover:
Our cover this issue features one of Sarah Jaeger’s joyful serving dishes. Photo by Tom Ferris.

Theme: Functional Pottery

As the holiday season approaches, I’m doing a lot of thinking about what gifts I’ll be making this year, and as usual, I look through some of the past issues of PMI for ideas. What I find are not just ideas about how to make or decorate something, but also some bits of inspiration to think about in general.


A good example is in this issue with Sarah Jaeger, our featured artist. She thinks a lot about the person who will use a piece she forms, glazes and decorates, and imagines how they will hold and view the work. By altering her thrown forms she adds a tactile quality to an otherwise plain bowl. And with her decoration, she even adds a little design work inside the foot that reveals itself when the bowl is in the dish rack.

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Throwing Larger
by Rich Briggs

When you throw a large pot, people notice. Here’s an easy technique that’s sure to wow them.

Adding Joy to Your Pots
by Emily Donahoe

Sarah Jaeger demonstrates techniques that allow her to make customers smile as she describes her forming and decorating techniques.

Less is More
by Courtney Murphy

Create a retro decorative surface using underglazes as overglazes in a majolica technique. Courtney’s sparse decoration invite the eye to touch.

Turn up the Volume
by Mark Cole

Tired of weak looking rims on slab pieces? Mark Cole describes his technique for creating platters with bulked up rims.

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In the Mix: Glaze Additives
by Jessica Knapp

If your glaze lacks one or two important qualities, you can boost its performance with additives.

Tools of the Trade:Exotic Wood Tools
by Frank James Fisher

See how master woodworker makes his pottery ribs from exotic woods.

Supply Room:DIY Peeps
by John W. Conrad

Why buy a peephole plug when you can make your own.
Enter your creation in the Peep Show

Tips from the Pros: Candelabras
by Bill Shinn

Tips on how to make candelabras from the late Bill Shinn.

Instructors File:Piercing by Design
by Ann Ruel

Ann takes piercing to a new level with her geometric patterns.

Pottery Illustrated: Handles
Illustrated by Robin Ouellette



To purchase this back issue, call 1-800-340-6532.
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