On the Cover: Andrew Gilliatt gets his color thing going on layer by layer using a variety of techniques.

Theme: The Synergy of Techniques


When it comes to challenging techniques, even the most complicated ones can be broken down into a series of simple steps. In this issue, you’ll get a bonus because each artist takes you step-by-step through a series of techniques to create a work of art. For example, Magda Glusek’s unusual sculpture uses sculpting techniques and decorating with both fired and non-fired finishes. Peter King describes how to handbuild large cylinders you can finish on the wheel and Margaret Bohls makes plaster texture molds as a starting point for her elegant vases displayed on lattice stands. In each article, you’ll find plenty of ideas to inspire your next piece.


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Playing Dress Up
by Magda Gluszek

Getting your ideas to come alive from sketch to maquette to final form is a challenge worth exploring. Magda takes you through all the steps of how she creates her figurative sculptures from concept to final form including her surface treatment.





Layers of Color
by Andrew Gilliatt

There’s a world of possibilities when you add color to your work in stages with slip, glaze, and decals. While the emphasis is on color, Andrew shares his technique for creating models and molds along with an interesting method for coloring forms with slips.



Totally Tubular
by Peter King

Veteran architectural ceramic artist Peter King reveals his secret for creating large cylinders that can be finished on the wheel. There’s no need to throw large forms when this technique does the trick. Use it as a starting point for large round piece.



Lattice Work Inspired
by Margaret Bohls

When it comes to working on the grid, Margaret has the skills to put it all together for a dynamic finished product. Beginning with textured slabs, she guides you through a detailed description of elegant construction and fancy lattice work for a pedestal.


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All-Weather Clay
by Jessica Knapp

Curious about which clays can survive the elements outdoors? Here’s the information you need to find the right clay for your pieces.



Texture Molds
by Margaret Bohls

There are a lot of textured molds on the market but if you’re interested in creating your, Margaret shows you how.


Stamp Pads
by Holly Goring

Did you know you can stamp decorations just like ink on paper? Here’s an overview of the process and what’s available to get you started on this interesting decorating technique.


Sweet Surface
by Magda Gluszek



It’s a Wrap
by Bill Shinn

Veteran potter Bill Shinn describes a simple technique for rapidly constructing handbuilt forms using a variety of forms.

Techniques Using Slips
review by Sumi von Dassow


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