Theme: Innovative Techniques

The studio is the perfect place for potters and ceramic artists to
explore just about everything. Whether working by yourself or in a
group, you know how clay stimulates the imagination. In this issue
you’ll learn how potters look around for new materials, research
forgotten techniques from the past, discover new techniques for the
future, and how instructors even learn from the ones they teach.

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by Annie Chrietzberg

Evolving in ceramics is a process of give and take. Annie
Chrietzberg discovered how true this is in the workshops she teaches.
Her demonstrations for making handbuilt textured forms inspires
students to incorporate her techniques into their own work, and they,
in turn, share their ideas with Annie. Another reason why workshops are
a win-win situation!

Slipware Marbelizing
by Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter

Michelle was enthralled by the slip application she discovered on
some centuries-old pottery shards. Through experimentation and
research, she rediscovered the long-lost technique of ‘joggling’ and
provides a demonstration.

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Tarpaper Forms
by Marcia Selsor

Discovering new forming methods for handbuilding is a motivational
experience. Using a technique inspired by Bill Daly, Marcia uses
roofing felt (tarpaper) to support slabs which relieves the natural
stresses when constructing a large vessel.

Recycled Glass and Clay Tile
by Robert Kirby

As an engineer involved with glass recycling technologies since
1991, Robert focused on alternative uses for glass. The result is his
innovative method for using recycled glass as a raw material in making
tile that lowers firing temperature and creates unique effects.

In the Mix: 4 Steps to Easy Color
by Jonathan Kaplan

Getting the colors you want in a glaze is a simple matter of testing
different combinations. And it’s not that difficult! Jonathan leads you
through a simple process for testing that’s sure to expand your palette.

Tools of the Trade: Turn, Turn, Turn
by David Gamble

Every potter should own a banding wheel, but who would have thought
there were so many to choose from? Before you settle on the first one
you see, take a look at the variety and assess your needs. David
provides an overview of what’s available and types of construction
along with prices.

Supply Room: Ohio Slip: Au Natural
by Paul Wandless

Ohio Slip is a natural slip clay that can be mixed with water and
used as a glaze by itself or as a colorant in a glaze base. This
versatile ingredient fires with consistent and reliable results and may
just be the perfect ingredient in your next glaze.

Tips from the Pros: What a Relief
by Ann Ruel

Carving a pot breaks down into to basic categories: low and high
relief. The challenges for carving include transferring the design,
tools to use, planning and the carving techniques you’ll need. Ann
covers it all to get you started.

Instructors File: Making Creative Connections
by Keith Brockie

Addressing one of the most common obstacles faced by high school
ceramics teachers, Keith describes a methodology for getting students
beyond their first idea and to think creatively. Developing deeper,
personally meaningful content in their work is a matter of research and
structuring the unit carefully.

Off the Shelf: Ceramics in America
Review by Sumi von Dassow

For the potter or ceramic artist interested in the history of
ceramic, this annual publication contains valuable information for
collectors, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians,
potters, artists and teachers

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