Now available the May/June 2015 Tablet Issue!LinharesCover_Tablet

This issues feature articles:
Form Follows Construction by Shana Angela Salaff
Staying in Shape by Jim Wylder
Blended Influences by Paul Linhares
Tempting Transparency by Sasha Wardell
Compose and Contain: Flower Rafts by Mark Johnson
InFormed Pinching by Lilly Zuckerman
In the Studio: Center Justified by Simon Levin
In the Studio: Nobashigote Throwing Ribs by Naomi Tsukamoto
In the Potter’s Kitchen: Taco Night by Mark Cole
Pottery Illustrated: Vintage Fiesta Ware by Robin Ouellette 


Tablet Extras in the March/April 2015 Issue!


Jen Allen shows two simple ways to alter the rim of a wheel-thrown plate.



Throwing Big by Michael Guassardo

Control at the Top by Jim Wylder

Turn up the Volume by Mark Cole



More images from Paul Linhares, Mark Johnson, Sasha Wardell, Shana Angela Salaff, and Lilly Zuckerman.




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