blue front preggy vaseFeatured Presenter: AMY SANDERS

Handbuilding III
January 17-19, 2014


Amy first discovered clay as an undergraduate studying biology at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, where she quickly switched majors and graduated with a BA in art and secondary education. She and her husband Brian then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to work for Habitat for Humanity as Americorps volunteers and happily discovered an amazing clay community in North Carolina. Amy has been teaching throwing and hand building classes at Clayworks Studio in Charlotte for 13 years, and also greatly enjoys teaching workshops all over the United States. After completing a 1-½ year artist residency at McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, she has been a full time studio artist for 7 years (in between hanging out with her two young boys: Guthrie and Sammy). In 2009, Amy completed a large-scale public art tile project for the city of Charlotte in conjunction with a residency at Garinger High School. Amy’s work is exhibited nationally and has been featured in many publications, as well as a basis for the Potters Council video: “Creative Forming with Custom Texture.” Amy has recently made a shift from mid-range stoneware to low-fire earthenware finished with terra sigillata, patina and glaze for her work. This has led to exploration of new themes and forms in her work, and has invigorated her excitement for creating with clay!



Ceramic Artist – Amy Sanders is featured in Ceramic Arts Daily: Video of the Week : An Easy-to-Make Custom Stamp with Great Line Quality




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Handbuilding III 

Natchez, Mississippi 

January 17-19, 2014


The Stamped Surfacesmall pieced bowl

Working with red earthenware, this presentation will focus on soft slab construction while also considering how stamped patterns inform decision making about surface design. Amy will demonstrate how to make several forms; including a vase, bowl, and serving pieces; using varied building methods with slabs, while also focusing on how to create a sense of volume and “breath” in your work from a flat slab of clay. Some pieces will be created by pinching, folding, and draping thin slabs over bisqued clay molds; while others will start with simple paper templates. This demonstration will also focus on how to refine the rim and foot of each pot- with particular emphasis placed on different foot solutions. Amy will also share how she creates texture and pattern on both the inside and outside of the pots with custom bisque molds. Discussion will focus on how pattern, line, texture, and proportion inform composition and aesthetic decisions made while creating a pot, as well as balancing studio practices with a busy family life. Glaze recipes will be shared, open discussion and questions are encouraged! 


The attendees will be learning how to:

  • Make 4 different kinds of feet for their pots.
  • Use templates to create a vase form.
  • Create texture and pattern on both the inside and outside of a pot.
  • Use bisque molds to create custom forms.
  • Create a bowl using the “clay quilting” method.
  • Make and use bisque stamps to create personal “vocabulary” of mark-making.

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