Studio Artists: Christine Lansdale Willis Studio Email Address:
Studio Website: City: Lakkia, Vasilika
State: Thessaloniki Country: Greece
Contact Information:
Studio Description: I create two very distinct kinds of work. One is inspired by Ancient Greek pottery which is very simply the clay, the potter and the fire. Each piece is burnished by hand, incised with different patterns and then pit fired outdoors with chicken manure and sawdust. Each piece is unique and the result unpredictable. That’s what I love about the whole process. The second type of work is influenced by Byzantine Ceramics. I had the good fortune of meeting and working with Vasilis Kiriazopoulos, a leading collector of Byzantine Ceramics. He influenced my love for this very whimsical and earthy form of domestic ware. Each piece is covered with colored slip, etched with common motifs, of birds, animals, plants and then glazed. In my studio at Lakkia, I have workshops and host visiting school children. I have a sign that says PLEASE TOUCH. My job as a potter is to put life and spirit into clay. I make things that are beautiful to touch, to hold and to feel. Making clay musical instruments incorporates all of those things. Each pot is a unique expression of Greece’s history in the modern world.  
Workshop Classes: Yes