Studio Artists: Alan Jedla, Faye Redlich, Mike Kunitz ,Janine Senatore, Robert Parker, Lidia Pentavelier, Olga Zwaig, Emma Matamoros, Joan Korngold, Luisa Gonzalez, Errol Simmons, Mike Goldstein, Jane Blake, and Denise Mendez Studio Email Address:


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Denise Mendez
723 S 21 Ave
Hollywood, FL 33020


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MIY Ceramics and Pottery is an open access studio and learning center for people interested in the fine art of handmade ceramics and pottery. We are a unique playground for clay enthusiasts, recreational potters and ceramic artists of all skill levels who come to our studio to make, learn, play with and shop for functional and decorative artwork. We house over 25 local potters and ceramic artists under our membership plan.


Besides the membership program, we offer wheel throwing and handbuilding pottery classes to adults and kids of different skill levels.