IMG_4861pitcherFeatured Presenter: LIZ ZLOT SUMMERFIELD

Handbuilding III
January 17-19, 2014

Liz has been a studio artist in Bakersville, North Carolina since she completed her MFA at the University of Minnesota in 2004. She has been an instructor and visiting artist at numerous clay facilities, colleges, and universities. She currently teaches at Western Piedmont Community College in the Professional Craft Program. 

She exhibits and sells her work nationally through exhibitions, galleries, and fine craft shows. She has been featured and on the cover of Ceramics Monthly and Clay Times magazine, and will also have an instructional handbuilding DVD released in March 2014 produced by Ceramics Arts Daily. She is currently creating a craft’s business curriculum for North Carolina Rural Entrepreneurial Action Learning (NC REAL) to help craft artist succeed as better business owners. 


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Ceramic Artist – Liz Zlot Summerfield is featured in Ceramic Arts Daily: Working Backwards: Liz Zlot Summerfield


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Handbuilding III 

Natchez, Mississippi 

January 17-19, 2014

Soft Slab Construction: The Basics and Beyondset4819
What makes your favorite pot so special? Is it the shape of the form, the feel in your hand, or the vibrant color that creates excitement within you? Pots have the power to evoke memories, feelings, and emotions. Let’s make those pots! Throughout this demonstration, Liz will share her strategies on personalizing one’s work. She will also encourage an open discussion on topics such as function, scale, and the importance of intention.  This workshop intends to demystify working with slabs and offer the essential components to create unique slab built pots. This presentation begins with the basics of constructing with soft slabs. Liz will introduce these techniques by creating two different cup forms with and without the use of a pattern. Liz will continue the presentation with expanding upon the basics to create a lidded pitcher and a salt and pepper set. A brief discussion about the surface techniques Liz uses will be addressed at the end of the demonstration. Participants will be provided with a copy of Liz’s terra sigillata recipe.


Liz will demonstrate the following:

  • Rolling a successful slab
  • How to use patterns
  • Beveling and darting with soft slabs
  • How to add a bottom and foot
  • Creating a two dimensional pattern
  • Making a spout
  • Adding a flange and lid
  • Cutting a foot
  • Adding texture and surface embellishments


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