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Question of Week | March 12, 2012

Potters Council Question of the Week
Question of the week is about having a good time, to laugh, to share, and to interact in a fun, creative way on our Potters Council forum. We will be posting a “Question of the Week” every Monday for you to answer, give an opinion, and maybe laugh a little. The questions will range from the serious to the not so serious. We are ready to have some fun and hope you will join us.


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Question of the Week | March 12, 2012 :
Share your most memorable clay experiment.
Answer Here.

Potters are great innovators, inventors and and problem solvers. It’s what happens when you have to deal with clay, machinery, computers and fire … you sometimes have to just sit down and think your way out of or into a situation. Now sometimes we come out with a great “AHA” moment and others times its more of a “Ooops, now what do I do?” If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again is our sustaining motto.

So, we’ve all done great things and we have all bombed spectacularly … are you willing to …. – Chris Campbell – Past President Potters Council 2011

Share your most memorable clay experiment.

I hope you have as much fun answering the questions, as the Potters Council Board had putting the list together. We are also accepting additional questions of the week. Send your question to cdorr@ceramics.org.




Carolyn S. Dorr
Potters Council