We’re so pleased to offer a benefit that truly embodies Potters Council’s purpose: MENTORING. 

Mentoring Program is FREE to Members of Potters Council.


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“Mentoring is the pairing of an individual who has expert knowledge or skill with someone desiring to gain that knowledge or skill in order to further develop professional expertise.” — Michael Zey, The Mentor Connection


The Ceramic Arts Daily Community forum is an excellent place to obtain a quick answer/opinion, but many members have expressed the need to develop a one-to-one relationship with another member who can share their experiences, perspectives, wisdom, techniques and skill repertoire.


“Mentoring begins when a person strategically affects the professional life of someone
else by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge and expanding the other person’s horizons.”
— Larry Ambrose, Mentor’s Companion



Do you have knowledge and expertise to share with others? Are you ready to give back to the ceramic community as a mentor? You can get started by reviewing the Mentoring Guidelines and completing the online Mentor Application.


Become a Mentor

  • Gain personal satisfaction from enriching the emerging artist, student, or established artist’s current artistic needs.
  • Give back to the ceramic community through the development of our peers, emerging artists, students, and ceramic professionals for the future by personally and professionally supporting their growth.
  • Enhance your coaching, teaching, and existing skills.
  • Exposure to new and different styles, knowledge, and perspectives.
  • Become eligible for a Mentor Award.

Are you looking to develop new skills or gain knowledge on a particular ceramic subject? Interested in developing a one-on-one mentoring relationship? You can get started by reviewing the Mentoring Guidelines and completing the online Mentee Application.


Become a Mentee

  • Gain attributes and understanding of clay and ceramics as it relates to professional and personal development.
  • Learn and apply clay and ceramic skills.
  • Gain access to the experiences of working and established artists for guidance in technique, shows, career opportunities, educational opportunities, apprenticing opportunities, representation, communication and networking skills.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to become a future mentor.


Work Flow Process
Have questions about how the process works and what your next steps should be?  The following document is a step-by-step process. For detailed information please review the Mentoring Guidelines.






The program is open to all active members of Potters Council. If you’re not a member join today and begin participating in the mentoring program.


How Do I Get Started

Members wishing to be Mentors should register for the mentoring program online using the
Mentor Application


Members wishing to be Mentees should register for the mentoring program online using the

Mentee Application.



Mentoring Program is FREE to Members of Potters Council

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Program Contacts

Program Coordinator

Linda Stover: lstover@ceramics.org