Who is eligible to join Potters Council?
Whether you’re a passionate professional, an enthusiastic amateur, a handbuilder, a potter or a sculptor, Potters Council would be a great fit for you.




How do I join or renew my membership with Potters Council?

The Potters Council is excited that you are interested in joining or renewing your membership. Potters Council was formed to create a community of potters and ceramic artists from around the world. By being an active member you’ll be showing your commitment to studio artists like you who understand the touch and feel of clay and the continued joy (and challenges) it brings. Join an organization committed to the education and promotion of the ceramic arts.

Click here to join.
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How much does it cost to be a member of Potters Council?

US One Year Potters Council Membership $52.00
US Two Year Potters Council Membership $99.00
US Three Year Potters Council Membership $146.00


*US One Year Potters Council Student Membership $25, Please call 800-424-8698 to order.*



I do not live in the U.S.  Can I join if I live in another country?
Of course!  We have members from around the world.  


Click here for membership outside the U.S.



What are the benefits of joining Potters Council?
Potters Council Member Benefits: The Focus is on YOU. When you become a member of Potters Council, you’re part of the potters’ world. We have members from around the world, a great asset in expanding your creative horizons. And there are other benefits to joining Potters Council:  read more…

  • Nancy asked a great question on our forum, “Is the Potters Council worthwhile?”. The responses she received had her joining that day.  Read the answers…



Once joining Potters Council, do my benefits go into effect immediately?
Once you sign-up for membership, it is automatic. You will immediately be eligible for discounts on magazines, publications, etc. However, access to the member directory and the members only pages will take 24 hours to be effective.


What if I do not know my member number?

Don’t remember your membership number? No worries. Just click the link below to have it emailed to you or you may call customer service at 800-424-8698 or (818) 487-2054.  You can also UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT to obtain your membership number.

Request Your Membership Number


What is the Member Directory?

Make connections with members-only access to the membership directory; search for colleagues and friends as well as make new contacts in the ceramics community. This important networking tool allows you to make contact with more than 3,100 ceramic artists and allows them to contact you. CLICK HERE for more info.


How do I change my information in the Member Directory?

The Potters Council member only On-Line Directory can be updated 24 hours a day online. The updates will reflect in the directory within 24 hours after the change has been made. Potters Council member directory is password protected. Access is granted to members via their Ceramic Arts Daily sign-in.


What information can I find in the Potters Council Members Only Section?

The Members-only section of the Potters Council Web site includes membership news and information, the member directory, access to Potter’s Pages and a full listing of Potters Council membership benefits. CLICK HERE for more info.


What if I do not know my member number?
To access the Members-only section, you must first sign in with your Ceramic Arts Daily email address and password. Don’t have an account?   Create a free account and download a free gift.  Note: Your Ceramic Arts Daily email address must be the same email address used for Potters Council correspondence.  If it’s not, please change your email address to match.  Please remember, it takes 24 hours to update.  If you still have questions, please contact Dee Haignere at 614-794-5866 or dhaignere@ceramics.org.


I forgot my password or my password is not working.  What do I do?

Request a replacement password. A new password will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.


What if I do not have an email address?

You can get a FREE email address through Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.  You can still join Potters Council and receive information by snail mail, but Potters Council, in order to operate economically and to operate in conjunction with 21st Century best practices, will continue to move towards a wholly technological mode of operation and communication.


How do I submit my Artist Portfolio?

Potters Council provides active members online artist portfolios to promote members’ work to the public. Members can tap into worldwide exposure via their own personal portfolio. Each member has an exclusive web link to their portfolio that includes up to three photos of their work, contact information, a brief description of themselves and their work. It is easy to set up you’re listing, and takes only a few minutes of your time. To request an artist portfolio listing, click here.


I am having problems uploading pictures to my Artist Portfolio.

Photo submission requirements: Submit .jpg files only, 72 dpi, and in RGB format with a maximum width of 400 pixels


Why am I having trouble logging into the Forums?

First time users to the forums must register to be able to access the forum:


If you are already registered, you still must sign in with your email address and password:


If you are still having trouble, you can read over the help topics:


Or you can contact Dee Haignere at 614-794-5866 or dhaignere@ceramics.org.


When will I receive my membership card?

You will receive your official Potters Council membership card in 3-6 weeks. The back of your card includes important numbers to use when contacting us.


I lost my membership card.  How do I get a new one?

Please contact Customer Service at (800) 424-8698 or (818) 487-2054 or potterscouncil@pubservice.com.


What is my membership expire date?

To find out your expire date, you would go to update your directory information and enter your membership number and zip/postal code and click on SUBMIT.


What can I do to become more involved with Potters Council?

We encourage Potters Council members to become more active by attending conferences and serving on one or more of our great Committees.  To get more information regarding our Committees and their structure, please contact Dee Haignere at 614-794-5866 or dhaignere@ceramics.org.


How do I become a Board member?

All Potters Council members in good standing, who have paid their current dues (active members) shall be eligible to serve as Potters Council Board members or officers. Membership may submit candidate names to the Potters Council Nominating Committee at any time for consideration at the next election that will follow the submittal by 90 days or more. All nominations for Board members shall be made by the Nominating Committee. Board members will be inducted at the Annual Members Meeting.


How do I contact Potters Council with additional questions?

Customer Service: 800-424-8698 or (818) 487-2054
Email: potterscouncil@pubservice.com