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Potters Council Advisory Board Officers

Kevin Crowe
Amherst, Virginia
Term: 2014-2017


Chair Elect

Vicky Hansen
Penrose, Colorado
Term: 2015-2018


Steven Branfman
Needham, Massachusetts
Term: 2012-2016
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Potters Council Advisory Board Members 




Kaitlin Eramo
Worcester, Massachusetts
Term: 2014-2016

Lori Leary
Decatur, Georgia
Term: 2013-2016



Preston Rice
Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Term: 2015-2018

Evelyne Schoenmann
Basel, Switzerland
Term: 2015-2018



Marcia Selsor
Brownsville, Texas
Term: 2014-2017

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Potters Council
Advisory Board Committees:


Nominating Committee

Members: Steven Branfman (chair) and Kevin Crowe.



Nominating Committee members are responsible to put forth a slate of required candidates for Board elections in time for the general Advisory Board and Officer election occurring in January. 


Consideration in the selection of those candidates by the Nominating Committee is to attempt to select the best choices of available people to further the interests of the Potters Council membership and to promote the smooth and professional functioning of the Board.



  • Solicit input of possible candidate recommendations from the general Potters Council membership as well as the members of the general Advisory Board.
  • Provide a recommendation to the general Advisory Board for a minimum of the required number of at-large Advisory Board member positions needed in the current election cycle to assure a Board comprised of the required number of individuals.
  • Provide a recommendation to the general Advisory Board for, at a minimum, one nominee for Chair Elect but not more than two nominees.
  • Provide a recommendation to the general Advisory Board for, at a minimum, one nominee for appointment to the Student Board member position, but not more than two nominees.

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Subcommittee of the Nominating Committee: Community Outreach and Support

Members: Diana Pancioli (chair), Lori Leary, and Marcia Selsor.


Objectives: Promoting Potters Council and ceramic art to overall community of artists and to the public.



Develop a program(s) that is reaching out on a local level; Working with a specific group; Working on a specific project.





Membership Committee

Members: Vicky Hansen (chair), Marcia Selsor, Preseton Rice, Paul Chenoweth, and Scott Grewe.



The Membership Committee shall review and recommend to the Board appropriate categories of membership; Advise and recommend to the Board on all matters pertaining to membership services offered to all types of Potters Council members and potential members; Ensure that all members constituencies are served by the Potters Council through the use of information gathering techniques; Work with constituency groups to promote active membership in the Potters Council.



  • Develop programs to increase membership in the Potters Council: incentive programs, member to member connect programs.


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Student Committee

Members: Kaitlin Eramo (chair), Steven Branfman, Kevin Crowe, and Marcia Selsor.



Serve the needs of students whether they be in post secondary education or apprentice training as they transition from a student to an independent artist. To involve this group into the larger pottery community through existing or new benefits and programs.



  • To define the emerging artists market and how to access this group to transition into an active Potters Council member.

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Awards Committee

Members: Lori Leary (chair), David McBeth, Marcia Selsor, and Jean B. Lehman.


Objectives: Select award recipients on behalf of the Potters Council membership for supported programs. Recommend participation in other award opportunities.



Goals: Introduce the Making a Difference in Ceramics Award. Research other potential award opportunities. Developed proposal, information, nomination and evaluation forms for the “Making a Difference in Ceramics” award along with a timeline.

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Potters Council Past Advisory Board Members


Kelly Averil Savino
Toledo, Ohio
2010-2011 Board Member
2011 Secretary


John Baymore

Wilton, New Hampshire
2011-2012 – President Elect
2012-2013 – President
2013-2015 – Past Chair


Cynthia Bringle
Penland, North Carolina

2001 Founding Member


Cindy Butler Jones
Yellow Springs, Ohio

2001 Founding Member


Chris Campbell

Raleigh, North Carolina

2008-2012 Board Member
2009-2011 President
2011-2012 Past President


Susan Filley
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

2001 Founding Member


Susan Fox Hirschmann
Annadale, Virginia

2010-2011 Board Member


Tim Frederich
Westerville, Ohio

2001 Founding Member


Rikki Gill

Berkley, California



Don Goodrich

Zion, Illinois

2008-2011 Board Member
2009-2011 Secretary


Doug Gray
Florence, South Carolina

2004-2006 Board Member

2006-2007 Vice President


Lee Ann Harrison
Mooresville, North Carolina

2010-2013 Student Board Member


Steve Hecker
Whitehall, Ohio

2001 Founding Member


David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

2002-2003 Board Member

2003-2004 President Elect

2004-2006 President

2006-2007 Past President


Steven Hill

Sandwich, Illinois

2001 Founding Member


Patrick Horsley


2001 Founding Member


Mark Issenberg

Rising Fawn, Georgia

2006-2008 Board Member

2008-2009 Vice President


Mel Jacobson
Minnetonka, Minnesota

2001 Founding Member

2002-2003 Board Member

2003-2011 Ex-Officio Member and ClayArt Moderator


Logan Johnson
Yakima, Washington
2010-2013 Board Member


Jonathan Kaplan
Denver, Colorado

2001 Founding Member

2002-2004 President
2004-2006 Past President


Nan Kitchens

Key Largo, Florida

2008-2010 Board Member


Mitch Kotula

Hamilton, Montana

2002-2005 Board Member


Larry Kruzan
Pekin, Illinois

2011-2012 Board Member


Eduardo Lazo
Belmont, California

2013-2014 Chair Elect


Joyce Lee

Ridgecrest, California

2001 Founding Member

2002-2005 President Elect


Gregg Lindsley
Cobb, California

2004-2005 Board Member

2005-2006 President Elect

2006-2007 President

2007-2008 Past President


David McBeth
Martin, Tennessee

2011-2012 Board Member

2012-2013 Past President


Lyndsay Meiklem

Bozrah, Conneticut
2013-2014 Board Member


Diania Pancioli
Ypsilanti, Michigan
2012-2015 Board Member


Shirley Potter

Boise, Idaho
2011-2014 Board Member


Brad Reitz
Henderson, Nevada

2002-2004 Board Member


Dannon Rhudy


2001 Founding Member

2002-2004 Past President


Nan Rothwell
Faber, Virginia

2005-2007 Board Member

2007-2008 President

2008-2009 Past President


Snail Scott

Edwardsville, Illinois

2007-2010 Board Member


Wayne Seidl

Waite, Maine

2006-2007 Board Member

2007-2008 Vice President


Marcia Selsor

Brownsville, Texas

2006 Board Member Secretary

2007-2008 President

2008-2010 Past President


Lisa Skeen
Summerfield, North Carolina

2007-2008 Board Member


Stephani Stephenson

Encinitas, California

2003-2006 Board Member


Dinah Steveni
Mount Vernon, Washington

2011-2013 Board Member


Karen Terpstra

La Crosse, Wisconsin

2001 Founding Member

2002-2004 Board Member


Ann Testa

Orinda, California

2008-2011 Board Member


Paul Andrew Wandless

Chicago, Illinois

2009-2012 Vice President